Bridge Club Wins First Place in National Contest

Students Jasmine Chung and Andrew Chan at the International Bridge Building Challenge

Kevin Chung

Students Jasmine Chung and Andrew Chan at the International Bridge Building Challenge

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The bridge club took a trip to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, for the International Bridge Building Challenge on Friday, April 5th, and ended up with two students placing first and second place in the contest and the team placing first overall.

The International Bridge Building Challenge is a competition between students from all over design, where they create, and test model bridges simply made of brass, wood, and glue. During the competition, the bridges are tested using weights. Places are determined by whose bridge design can hold the most weight before breaking, thus deciding the strongest bridge design.

Jasmine Chung and her model bridge

Student Andrew Chang’s bridge had an efficiency of 4442.92. Student Jasmine Chung’s bridge had an efficiency of 4010.58.  These ten gram bridges were able to carry 98 and 88 lbs. The strength of these bridges are similar to asking any one of these students to hold up an empty Boeing 747.

Andrew Chang receiving his award

The first place winner was Chang, and the second place winner was Jasmine Chung.

“This is the first time we’ve actually won both first and second place. Also the first time to win first overall,” bridge club adviser Kevin Chung said.

Jasmine Chung winning her awards

This is the first time students from Nevada were able to place first and second at this contest. Chang was able to earn a half-ride scholarship to the Illinois Institute of Technology (tuition for IIT in 2017/2018 was $47,646.00 per year).

Andrew Chang and his bridge model

“I’m proud of my students and what they have accomplished,” Kevin Chung said. “Hopefully, they can take something valuable away from this experience.”