How To Know If A Guy Likes You



First off, I just wanna say that I am not a pretty boy. Second, I do not think I am qualified to talk about this topic at all, but because I have liked a handful of girls, I know a thing or two when it comes to knowing if a guy likes you. After all, my gender name does start with the letter M.

Disclaimer: Just cause a guy might do one of the following signs, doesn’t necessarily means they like you. DO NOT assume anything until you have strong evidence or it has been confirmed.

Eye Contact

Ladies, when a guy likes you, the thing you can often catch them doing is them staring at you. There is a lot of different eye contacts guys will make when they have an interest in you. But the main one is if you are in the room with them, and something funny happens, the first thing they will do is look at you to see if you found whatever happened funny.

Guys often like to stare at girls they like, either intentionally or unintentionally. Most of the time it’s unintentionally, so don’t find it creepy. The guy that likes you is just admiring what you’re wearing today or how extra good you look compared to other girls.

When a guy likes a girl, many times, they don’t notice other girls, they just notice you.

Are You Following Me?

So now this one may seem a little creepy, but it’s actually really genuine.

A lot of the time, and I mean a lot of the time, guys will try to figure out the “girl’s” schedule or whereabouts at a certain time. Instinctively guys try to figure out a girl’s schedule in order to know where they could be at a certain time to try to cross paths with her.

Many times though, if the guy does cross path with you, he might be scared to say something or may overthink about saying “hi” or “what’s up”.

Now girls, if you see a guy crossing your path everyday, he may not necessarily like you. He’s probably just going to his class. Although, if you notice he doesn’t cross your path everyday and some days he may cross it and other days not, that may hint that the days he’s not crossing your path, he is talking with his friends, so when he does decide to cross your path, it’s cause he is trying to get your attention.

Mere Exposure Effect

Psychology, one of the most intricate subjects in the world, and well, it does play a big role in knowing when a guy may like you.

Not many people know about this “effect”, but we do it all the time either friendly or romantically.

This phenomenon states that people tend to develop a preference for things just because they are familiar with it. This correlates because sometimes a guy might ask you to hang out with a group of friends, or to go to a party or something. Guys will want to spend more time with you so that way you can get to know them more and hopefully like them as well.

Now of course, if you have friends wanting to hang out with you, it doesn’t mean they like you. But, if they are constantly asking to hang out, especially just the two of you, the guy might have a soft spot for you. Notice the signs, and things that he say. You can often pick up the vibe if he tries to do something romantic or something that is really, really nice.

Availability/Conversation Start Up

Please keep in mind that these signs and tips are from my own personal experience, and not every guy might act like this. But this one I think is the biggest one when deciding if a guy might like you.

With today’s day and age in technology, everyone has a phone, which most likely means that everyone has some type of social media. With social media, people can text and video chat each other. If a guy randomly texts you something about your day or something that went on with you in the last week, and he’s either awkward with it or is trying too hard to keep the conversation going, he likes you 90% of the time.

Texting is the most common way of communication nowadays. Who even talks anymore? But seriously, watch how he texts you; sometimes the way a person texts may not reflect their personality or the way they act, but you can get the just of them.

Now, availability. I already talked about how a guy will try to hang out with you. And writing this piece now I realize I probably should have put this in the Are You Following Me? But I’m too lazy so let’s roll with it.

If a guy has something to do and might put it off to hang out with you or is late to class in order to talk to you longer, I guarantee you that he likes you. Now, this is a rare case, guys don’t like making things obvious even though we do a bad job at it, yet, if you find this happening, there is a very good chance they like you, like a lot!

What Do I Do?

Sometimes girls are oblivious to these signs, and we may not want you to know about it. Although, if a guy shows a couple of these signs, they might like you. Now there are many more signs and factors that come into play. But I can’t tell you all of them! Just know that the ones I mentioned are generally the most common ones.

Girls, please be nice to guys. The human brain treats rejection like physical pain, it hurts! This doesn’t mean you have to go on a date with them, but be polite, and get to know them better. If you hardly know the guy, don’t assume. If you want to hang out with him only as friends, make that clear. But just give him just the slightest chance. It may have to grow on you, but you never know where it may lead.

Just be nice, straightforward, and friendly if you don’t like him. And if you do, well, I’ll leave that for another opinion piece. 😉