Freshmen Thoughts on the Odyssey Quest

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Freshmen Thoughts on the Odyssey Quest

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The Odyssey Quest is a three year tradition here at A-TECH hosted by English 9 teachers, Erica Koprowski and Keith Thomsen, characterized by brain benders, puzzles and Greek-myth-based activities.

The Odyssey Quest hit off on Tuesday at exactly 2:05 p.m. with the first clue given by “Hermes” in Google Classroom.

This activity is completely optional and not required by the teachers. However, the prizes for the winners include 10% extra credit and the opportunity to be “Hermes” for the incoming freshmen next year.

Hermes is in charged with giving the freshmen participating in the Odyssey Quest clues and hints to move on to the next level.

With this job, discretion and leeway is greatly taken.

It is known that last year’s Hermes planned several pranks and jokes on the freshmen, so much can be expected for the current Hermes.

The identity of Hermes is unknown.

Many students have mixed feelings about the Odyssey Quest, like Samantha Padilla.

“When I first heard about the Odyssey Quest I thought it was going to be all fun and games, but people are taking it super serious. I tried playing, but people just kept sharing the answers to the clues giving other groups unfair advantages and I just decided this isn’t for me.”

Koprowski herself addressed this issue during her classes saying how upset she is to find out kids were sharing answers and asking for answers from sophomores.

She went on to say, “I can’t do anything about different groups sharing answers, it’s just such a dumb tactic if you actually want to win the Odyssey Quest.”

Although Padilla didn’t love the Odyssey Quest, Jazmyn Doughty recommends that everyone participate in the Odyssey Quest.

“I love brain puzzles and escape rooms, so the Odyssey Quest is a blast for me. I think it’s super cool how we get to learn about the Odyssey hands-on with puzzles and games instead of simply reading it straight from the book. Literally everybody should play.”

The number of levels in the Odyssey Quest hasn’t be specified, but it definitely is an accumulation of puzzles and online themed escape room websites.

Andrew Morales’ favorite part of the Odyssey Quest so far is the online websites which contain several codes that must be cracked in order to finish the level.

“Hands down, the websites are the best. Yes, the physical clues are cool and all, but the websites really make you think. Sometimes I”ll even spend a whole afternoon working on the website codes.”

When it comes to spending hours and hours on the Odyssey Quest, Carlos Reza has some pretty strong thoughts.

“It looks fun, but not everybody has the time to stay after school everyday to crack the codes. I tried solving the first level, but it was just too much of my time spent. I would much rather watch other people play from afar, but I’m glad that the Odyssey Quest is call extra credit and not an actual grade.”

Despite the long hours, Gyani Hayes maintains his eyes on the prize and hasn’t lost sight of it.

“There’s no doubt that the Odyssey Quest is difficult, but it’s not impossible and I am in it to win it.”

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