Is Take Your Child To Work Day Really That Important?

Every year as a child we all looked forward to take your child to work day. That meant we were able to get a break from school. We got to eat all the junk we wanted, get things to take home, and just have the experience of what our parents did all day. We would get to wake up early and go do things with our parents on a week day that we usually didn’t do.

April 25th is national ‘Take Your Child To Work Day,’ one of the days we all look forward to throughout the year. It tends to be more exciting for younger kids nowadays, and just another day for the teens. We had our fair share of those days, so now it’s just an excuse for us to miss out on school. The children just want to go have fun, and enjoy being a kid with other kids they may have never met before.

Take your child to work day can be very fun, but also stressful for our parents at the same time. Fun because they get to spend time with their babies in an enviornment that is unusual for adults to bring their children. They are able to show their kids what they do all day long and meet the people they spend those hours with. Now on the other hand, it can be stressful because not every parent can do their job and still watch their child. Every child isn’t responsible when it comes to bringing them to a place like your job.

They have to get used to new rules, understand it may not be the loudest place, and sometimes parents do it just to spend quality time with their child, but not all kids are easy to please. Trying to please your child, while watching them and doing your job at the same time isn’t always the best route to take.

“I don’t really think it’s that important because to be honest, I go to my moms job almost every week and take your child to work day is just another day in the year to me,”  freshman Aidan Covarrubias said.

Everyone may not have the experience to visit their parent’s job, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a set national day in the year. It can be celebrated in other ways.

“Having a set day just to show kids where you work and the people you work with is cool and all, but it isn’t that important to where they need to miss school for it. You can do that on the weekend when there is free time outside of work and school,”  Covarrubias continued.

Take your child to work day isn’t a bad day at all, but it’s not one of the important ones. Knwoing that it’s a holiday directed for the younger children also makes it irrelevant to the teens, which is why not a lot of people participate in it. Do we really need take your child to work day as a national holiday?