Rodeos are Abusive

Rodeos are a lot more abusive than people want to think. These animals are scarred, mentally and physically.

Calf roping

Calf roping is a timed event where someone goes on a horse and tries to lasso the calf. They lasso around the horns. After that, the person hops off their horse and throws the calf onto their side to harshly tie its legs. It may not sound very damaging, but it is. These calves are 2 or 3 months old. They get scarred physically and mentally. They get smashed to the ground and if they get injured, they’re either killed or sold for meat.

Bull and Bronc Riding

Bull riding and Bronc riding are very dangerous sports, and are both very inhumane. Bull riding is when someone gets on a bucking bull and tries to stay on for 8 seconds. Bronc riding is when someone rides a bucking “wild” horse. These horses are not wild, and neither are the bulls. These animals are tazed and whipped. People like to say that horses have thick skin, but that is not the case. Horses have a skin thickness of 1mm, while humans have 1mm-4mm thickness of skin. Bulls have skin thickness around 4mm, but even so, getting whipped and tazed still hurts them.

Barrel Racing

Barrel racing would be a very cool sport if barrel racers weren’t so harsh. They constantly yank their horses mouth. Bits are made to apply pressure to a horses mouth, but if they are misused and pulled on too hard, it can easily cause mouth tissues to tear and bleed. Not only do barrel racers pull too hard on the reins, but they kick horses VERY hard. With or without thick skin, horses are in a lot of pain.