R.I.P. AirPower

Zhank Zhank (flickr)

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AirPower was a wireless charging mat that was announced to be coming in 2017 with the release of the iPhone X. AirPower was supposed to be a wireless charging mat where you could place AirPods, an iPhone that supported wireless charging, and an Apple Watch, anywhere on the mat and it would charge.

What made AirPower different from existing wireless chargers? What really separated AirPower from any other wireless charging was that its multiple changes.

It was supposed to know what device was on the mat and send battery life information from whatever was on the mat to the iPhone and,unlike any other wireless charger, you wouldn’t have to place it on exact location for it to work but instead you could just lay it there.

“You can place you’re AirPods with the optional, new wireless charging case on it and it starts to charge as well. They all charge! They intelligently work together and communicate with each other to manage the charging, through one more efficient charging system.”

So that was AirPower. It’s release date was supposed to be 2017. In that year of 2017 during the September Expedition, Apple added AirPower to their hands on section. From that moment Apple was already having problems with AirPower.

People were placing their phones on the AirPower and it was just not working. A week passed, then a month, and then a year, and Apple still didn’t say anything for AirPower, until recently.

On March 29, 2019 Apple officially canceled AirPower, media and many consumers were blown away by Apple. The way they just dropped the whole thing without even trying to change it at all was absolutely mind blowing. So what went wrong.

There were many things that went wrong with AirPower. This of course doesn’t mean it didn’t have a fix.

AirPower could’ve easily been made differently or maybe changed in some of its capabilities, but that didn’t happened. The biggest issue was that the mat itself was getting too hot. With 20-30 coils in one thin and small place was too overwhelming.

The mat was absolutely frying itself because of the energy output. Additionally, the software wasn’t cooperating with Apple.

The animations and connectivities were just not working. Apple even said it themselves in 2017 that the technology they were making wasn’t a possibility but they “knew” how to do it. Apple had to much confidence in their ability to solve problems like that.

With that being said what could’ve Apple have collaborate with other companies that have already gotten a mat to work.

Nomad, for example, already has a Nomad Base Station that works perfectly charging all compatible Apple products. They’ve done it in the past why couldn’t they have done that. They could’ve also been able to just reduce the number of coils for less heat along with making a new design with new anti-conducting materials. The point is that Apple could’ve done more than just drop the whole thing.

Now that Apple has officially cancelled AirPower, it is improbable that it will return in the future.

This isn’t just about Apple scraping one thing. People all over are worried that this will be a new trend. Will Apple make this a usual or is it just a one time deal? Either way this is a major loss for many people and even for Apple. Hopefully Apple reconsiders their decision and gives AirPower another shot.

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