The 10 Different Types of Friends That We Have

All thing in life come in varieties, from shoes to foods to people. Differences are what make us special and one very special relationship in our lives is our friendships.

There are so many types of friendships people have with each other and each is unique. Here are a few friendships that you probably have.

Fake Friends:

Everyone’s familiar with the term fake friend. It’s usually those people who we don’t like, but we feel forced to like. Typically fake friendships develop when you don’t like a person and the feelings mutual, but a common friend is what keeps you guys from ignoring each other. These friendships can also happen when one of your friends turns into someone you start to dislike, but you feel forced to continue the friendships. These friendships usually consist of passive aggressive comments and sarcasm or acting overly sweet in person, but rude behind your back.

Bully Buddies:

Definitely, one of the most common types of friends people have. Most people have that one friend or group where the entire relationship is built on teasing each other. From punching each other to making fun of each others appearance, this friend might seem like they’re too mean to each other, but it’s all in good fun to them. We always know these friends will have our backs if anyone dares to do something to us.

Online Friends:

In our day and age, the internet shapes everything we do, including our friendships. So many people make online friendships with people they met on the internet, whether they found each other through Instagram, Twitter, or Roblox. Even though these friendships are only connected through mobile devices, these friendships are just as real as the ones developed face to face. Miles and miles of ocean and land change nothing for these friendships.

Long Distance Friends:

Unlike online friendships, these friends have actually seen each other face to face, long distance meaning that you just go to different schools. At some point, these friends were as close as can be till either moving or graduation separated them. These friendships are also kept together through texting and calling, but hanging out face to face can also be a part of these friendships. Consisting of long phone calls, long hang out sessions and complaining about school, these friendships are in for the long run.

Flirty Friends:

I always see those friends who just flirt with each other, not just casual compliments, but legitimate flirting. The flirting is sometimes even physical, to say the least. A teenagers comment section on Instagram usually looks exactly like Tinder DMs. Sometimes I wonder if these things are platonic or not. Teenagers are crazy nowadays, but I’m glad friends are comfortable enough with both their friends and even their sexuality to just blatantly flirt with each other.

Work Friends:

These are the “friends” (more like acquaintances) that usually just talk in that class and is the only time they actually have a full on conversation about something. If they actually text each other it’s about the work that has been assigned that certain period of time or, let’s be real, we need those study guide help or homework.

Overly Nice Friend:

These overly nice friends are the ones that make you raise an eyebrow. Why are these people so nice to me? It feels like you’re forced to talk to these people and can’t say anything that seems upsetting because you are afraid that they might take it seriously. You might actually question yourself on whether they are toxic or not because someone so nice can’t be real. It feels so unreal on how sweet they are you can feel like they are just faking it. The majority have had a friendship that can relate to this.

Dry Friends:

We can say that they are the most boring friendships out there. They claim that they are definitely friends, but they never have texted each other for a while. When they do talk, they just respond to the message in a couple of words and their conversations don’t contain any juicy high school gossip that other numerous amounts of conversations have. They don’t reveal any information or interest in what they like about each other, and they don’t care if they that person will disappear from their life because they don’t actually care about that certain person.

What Friends?:

Have you ever had a time when someone asked you about someone like, “Hey have you heard of Johnny (or whoever)?” and you were like, “Uh, I don’t think so,” then when you go to your next period class you have a class with them. It happens to all of us. You usually aren’t that close to them, but you guys are at the stage where you are debating on whether you guys are friends on just acquaintance still.

Game Pigeon:

All of you that have an iPhone definitely have this app. These friends are the ones would just send or spam each other with games and rarely have a conversation with each other. It is only a one or two-word response to either express their happiness of winning the game or losing. It is pretty rare that these people have a long conversation because they are too focused on beating the other person at the game. The majority of us one-hundred percent have at least one friend where we are comfortable with spamming games because you know that they will always have time to play with you.

Friends are friends. We have plenty that we can’t describe: the ones that we laugh hysterically with, the ones that bully each other, and the ones that are fake. However, at a period of time, they have impacted us in a way whether it was positively or negatively.