April 2019 Playlist

April is finally here, which means spring break and Easter (and Avengers: Endgame), so an April (mostly spring break) playlist has arrived. There are songs that you may hear on a “retro” spring break playlist, as well as some that are straight out of a spring break movie scene (and some of these are).

Whether you’re going out to an actual party or sitting at home, hassling with too many packets and projects, the April 2019 MavMessengerMusic playlist is here to build up the spring break hype.

Spring Break Pre-Game

Of course, I had to build up the spring break hype just a little bit with The Beach Boys, Thutmose, and blink-182. There’s so much anticipation for this last long break before the end of the year, so the common theme amongst these songs is that you’re ready. You’re ready to be out of the workplace or out of school, even if it’s for a short while, because you deserve a break.

“Wouldn’t It Be Nice” by The Beach Boys is the first of many throwbacks of the playlist. It’s a sappy-go-lucky love song, but it fits this spring break theme because spring break is depicted as much more fun as you get older. There are more vacation options and more party options, and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” sets that mood.

Thutmose’s “Run Wild” is all about one mission: running wild. Most hope to run wild once the bell rings at 2:05 on April 12. It’s instinct at this point because it’s fourth quarter, and everyone just wants to be done.

Another throwback on the playlist is blink-182’s “All the Small Things”. Though it’s another kind-of-love-song-but-not-really, the lyrics “Work sucks, I know” are all you need to truly “complete” your pre-game. It’s just time to get out, and the upbeat track helps to inflate the spring break hype.

Spring Break

To “begin” your spring break, I’ll take you back to the first boy band made for this generation to fanboy/girl/person over — Big Time Rush. “The City is Ours” sets the mood for the Friday after school because you have finally been set free, and the plan is to relax, explore, party, or whatever other activities you have. The upbeat tempo from the pre-game section bleeds into this section, and it can set the tone for the week.

Because spring break is meant to be the “grown up” recess, I had to include Eli “Paperboy” Reed’s “Recess”. You get thrown back into your elementary school self, and it’s a song that you can’t help but dance to while it plays, even if it’s in the background. This song is a more childlike version of “Run Wild” from earlier in the playlist, but it carries the same feeling.

I had to sneak in at least one song by 5 Seconds of Summer, and this month is perfect for “Permanent Vacation”, a track from their sophomore album. This song is perfect for shouting at a festival, in the car with your friends, or in your room, dancing by yourself. It’s the spring break mood, so don’t judge me for having this band on the playlist.

I also had to sneak on a song by Sleeping with Sirens, and I promise it’s not not screamo or emo. “Cheers” is the song for celebrating yourself because you were strong enough to make it through a majority of the year. Let go and party because you need it.

There had to be at least one song straight out of a party scene from a movie, and “Doin’ It Right” by Daft Punk is that song. It’s a little slower than the tracks preceding it, but it’s still party-perfect. Even though a majority of the song is repetition of nine lyrics to the same computerized beat, it was made to make people dance. Do your spring break right with Daft Punk.

The title speaks for itself, but lovelytheband’s “these are my friends” 100% belongs on this playlist. Hopefully during your week-long break, you get to reconnect with friends or hang out more with the ones you see on the daily. Even if you can’t hang out with your friends, maybe you can make new ones during the week.

Getting right back into the faster portion of the playlist, Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” is the next track. I don’t even have to explain why this song fits for spring break. Just look at the Just Dance choreography for this energizing track, and understanding will click.

I promise I’m not biased towards songs that have the word “wild” in the title, but I had to include “Running Wild” by Army Navy on this April playlist. It’s opening guitar riff will run through you and light a fire. Even with 13 verses, it, quite amazingly, keeps your attention for the three and a half minute run-time of the song.

I also promise that I’m not biased towards songs that are straight off movie/TV show soundtracks, yet Dexys Midnight Runners’ “Come On Eileen” is the sixth soundtrack song one this playlist. The instrumental portions of the song, specifically the introduction played on the fiddle, are strong enough to get someone out of their seat and dancing. The continuous change of tempo also helps with dancing, so this is a good song to “end” this portion of the playlist.

Spring Broken

I believe Bleachers’ “Rollercoaster” is the fastest song featured on this particular playlist, but it probably best describes the essence of spring break. You could blast this on the ride home and chill with those around you.

I had to include “American Teen” by Khalid because 1) it’s Khalid, 2) I am excited about his sophomore album, and 3) it’s another “essence of spring break” song. It slows down and is something you could listen to while reminiscing, either about the week you just went through or about other good memories. Even if you don’t reminisce, the outro just feels perfect.

To conclude the 2019 April playlist is a reminder that you’re young and that you can still have fun, even when you’re stressed out of your mind. Alex and Sierra’s “Just Kids” is the best close I could think of, carrying the essence of being a teenager.