Balancing Act

To expand upon their existing knowledge of software, students balance the fundamentals and work for an upcoming display of skill in Graphic Design I this week.

Kelly Charles said that, “[Students] are kind of working on the basics of Adobe Illustrator right now.”

As the year edges closer to an end, the skills acquired through previous projects come together, forming a base picture of competency in Adobe softwares.

“Right now, we’re working with Adobe Illustrator. For the past year, we were working with all the Adobe stuff like Photoshop and After Effects,” freshman Adam Thomas said.

On target to what all program area classes are meant to do, Charles is setting up his students for success in future graphics classes.

“[Charles is] just giving us assignments to start up our knowledge of these Adobe softwares, so that later, when we get into graphic design two, we can use this knowledge in order to better ourselves,” sophomore Alexander Velez Marcial said.

Similar to the preceding projects, students are slowly eased into the program through provided tutorials and trial and error.

“We’re learning how to do geometric shapes and how to use the tools on Illustrator. It’s just basic skills, but in reality they’re quite complex once you start handling it and working with it, but overall it’s really fun to use,” sophomore Laura Sanchez Zavala said.

In addition to the basics, Charles has his students working on pieces for the upcoming art showcase.

“We’re also working on the Great Daze Art Festival, and we’ll also be submitting art to it, and our parents are going to go see it, so we have to do a good job on it,” Sanchez Zavala said.

With the Great Daze Art Festival right around the corner, Charles’s graphics classes have extensive amounts of work ahead of them.