Digital Game Development I’s First Games

Cayla Crouse, Cub Reporter

The students in Digital Game Development I finished their Quarter 3 projects this week–creating a game in Game Maker 8.0. They were preparing for this before, creating custom sprites for the game.

This is the first game many of the students have created, and it was made using their own custom sprites and backgrounds.

“The students have been working in Game Maker 8 all semester, so I wanted to give them a project that they had some creative freedom in,” Hernandez stated.

The students will move into working in Game Maker Studio 2 as their next project.

“We start in Game Maker 8,” Hernandez stated, “Then we go to Game Maker Studio 2. Then, in the second year, we go to Unity 2D and then in year 3 we go to Unity 3D.”

One of the notable games created was Sk8erboi, a game created by two seniors: Odalys Castillo and Romeul Tanuag.

“It was fun,” Castillo said, “Once we set boundaries and what we were doing, this is what’s going on, we pretty much went smoothly.”

Sk8erboi is relatively simple game–you avoid objects coming at you by moving up and down. The whole game was made using custom sprites, and it was composed of 3 levels. It was one of the best games made by the DGDI students.

“I’m pretty happy to hear that,” Castillo said, “I was actually really proud of my game once we finished it.”

“I think they did really well,” Hernandez said about the student’s work, “I’m really impressed with a lot of the games, and to think this is their first year and that they have two or three more years to keep creating games, I’m really excited.”