Be More Willing To Help Homeless People


Matthew Jones

When you look around, you see homeless people everywhere. There are so many families out on the streets with no home, no place to go, no family, nothing. There is a numerous amount of reasons why people are homeless. As people who have authority to change situations like these ones, it would be wise of them to start doing something about it.

I have always been passionate about caring for those in need, especially when it’s not their fault. I have realized that more than half of the worlds population is living on ten dollars a day. Unfortunate people such as the homeless need our help as a community or even just regular people to help them back on their feet. Hopefully enough help to get them started on a new path.

Many people do not understand that they are not always at fault for their living conditions. There are so many different myths on why people think homeless people are where they are today without even getting to know the whole story. We need to stop criticizing and judging them for how they live, for how they dress, for how they smell, for how they talk, etc. When we do that, we make them feel worse than what they may be already feeling and that doesn’t help anything or anyone.

Nowadays, housing prices are rising out of control. How do you expect people to be able to afford a home when they probably can’t even feed themselves? It makes it even more difficult when they don’t even have a place to lay their heads at night and be able to live in peace. Living on the streets is rough, it’s not a place someone should have to live their life, and it’s definitely not a place to call home. Realizing that this is one of the main reasons why we have people crowding the streets, it should be the governments or the people with authority to change this.

How would you feel if you got kicked out or had to let go of where you were living, and had no back up plan? That is a problem people are facing today. They aren’t prepared for situations like this because we hope and pray that these type of problems don’t happen to us, but when they do, they change our lives completely. You can’t expect people to always have a plan for the future and that just means if they don’t, that’s what we need to help them do: plan for the future.

Loss of jobs, born into homelessness, lowered wages, health care crisis, landlord bullying, unstable living arrangements, substance abuse, depression, mental illness, and developers buying land from home renters and owners, are all reasons why people today are homeless. We can’t continue to let these things keep happening to our people, because if that was us we would want all the support and help we could get. People should be more willing to help the homeless because they are not always at fault for their living conditions.