Goodbye Mom! An Open Letter


Miranda Cain

Co-Editor-in-Chief Brenna Wilcken

Miranda Cain

Dear Brenna,

Thank You!”


During the past year this paper has grown from basically nothing to something worth looking at. Throughout the whole year we as a group have gone through trials and tribulations, good times and bad, but all that we have accomplished could not have occurred without our beloved Madam Editor.

Now Madam Editor, you have not been our only editor and chief, but Johanna our Chiefy Chief is not a senior just yet and therefore has to wait a whole year.

Madam Editor, thank you for the many, many things you do on a daily basis for all of us working with you:

  • Thank you for dealing with us
  • Thank you for helping to start this paper
  • Thank you for the good ideas
  • Thank you for entertaining every idea (and I mean all of them)

Through all of this and so much more, we will send you off with all our well wishes. We all hope you achieve all that you have spoken of this year and we all wish you the best in college.


The entire Journalism team! (Who doesn’t want to roast you)
Goodbye Mom!