The Nightmares of School




We should all know it by now: school can be stressful. Throughout all my years of school I’ve always had that one class that made me want to pull my hair out. When I’ve asked friends what subject they disliked the most I was often surprised by the answer. Let’s look into students schedules and see which classes keep them up at night.

Junior Ashlei Pasascio has dread in math class.

“My most difficult class would be Precalculus because the teacher explains the older way of how to solve equations. It’s not a way people can understand,” said Pasascio. 

Math can get the best of us, but not for everyone. Sophomore Taylor Koempel gets stuck with the English side of things.

“It would have to be English right now, I take tenth grade honors. There’s a lot of homework back to back and it’s hard for me to keep up.”

Going back to the math, Freshman Laurnae Gordon has trouble due to her past school experiences.

“It’s math class, Algebra. I came from a very bad school where I didn’t really learn anything and I’m not as caught up as I should be.”

Although weekdays can be our dreaded days because of school, we should look at the bright side of things. School is like a mini version of the real world, it is getting us ready for what’s actually coming, and we should take advantage of it while we can!