Mock Trial Wins State Competition

On Saturday, March 16, the A-TECH Mock Trial Purple Team won the state competition for Mock Trial.

Eight teams participated in the competition for a total of four rounds. For the final round, it was A-TECH versus Faith Lutheran.

A-TECH alternated between the plaintiff and the defense throughout the event, but for the final round, they were on the defense.

This year’s case was about religious discrimination; a college student was suing a Dean of a University for suspending them for their belief in Rastafarianism.

“I think it’s interesting [in] that it mirrors many of the issues about the 1st amendment that we have in the justice system today,” senior Desiree Vasquez said.

Since they won the state competition, the team now will be able to compete in the national championship. They will be given a completely new case on April 1, and the competition will be from May 15 to May 19 in Athens, Georgia.

“I am so proud of my team and all the work we have done,” junior Gabriela Zeidler said. “I cannot wait to do it all over again, but this time in Georgia!”

Congratulations Purple Team on winning the state competition!