A-TECH News For 20,000 B.C.

Good morning, Mavericks! Today, I’ll be catching y’all up on the latest happenings around here at A-TECH and all across the continent of Pangaea. Hitch a ride on a velociraptor as we speed right through the news!

Modern problems requires modern solutions, especially now during the Cretaceous Era, where having so many students all across the land means that colleges are struggling to keep up with reading all the student applications sent in. Therefore, StoneBoard invented a new revolutionary solution: Standardized Tests.

“OOGA BOOGA,” shouted physics teacher Oot, throwing stones at the cave wall. “reEEEEEEE.”

Standardized tests are a new way to measure student achievement and skill by assuming that every student across the continent has received the same education, grown under the same living conditions, and lived under the same mental well-being. These tests are used to decide each student’s future.

“GLUBFLUBGLUBFLGJBFLUBG,” gargled biology teacher Blub, submerging their head in a swamp.


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In other news, digital painting club has yet to exist. Club members claim that the materials needed for the club are not yet available. However, they say that donations are gladly accepted.

“B” inscribed English teacher Yolk against a cave wall.

The lunch for today will be… honestly, I can’t say I know what it is. But it’s tasty.