Assault on Libya Benghazi 2012

Brandon Sumulong

The 9/11 attacks was a defining day when millions of people witnessed the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon. Since then, more tragic events have come to the American people. One event, that is often talked about but often misunderstood, happened in Benghazi, Libya, where four Americans died, including two security agents, two brave private military contractors and former Navy Seals, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, as well as American Ambassador, Christopher J. Stevens.


On September 11, 2012, Islamic militants initiated an attack on an American diplomatic compound in western Benghazi at 9:40 P.M. Since the start of the attack, Chris, Sean, and a diplomatic agent headed towards the safe room. Islamic militants rioted all over the streets, climbed over the walls and set the building on fire. The annex security team were overwhelmed, forcing themselves to evacuate the compound, thus, leaving Ambassador Chris Stevens and U.S Foreign Service Sean Smith behind. They retreated to a nearby CIA Annex. Chris Stevens and Sean Smith later died of smoke inhalation.


CIA contractors arrived at the annex for additional support in search of Chris Stevens and Sean Smith. Sean Smith was recovered, but not Chris Stevens. U.S security personnel were tasked to attempt taking over the main annex and secure the perimeter but were overwhelmed from gunfire forcing them to return back to the Mission annex. Later at 5:20 P.M U.S and Libyan security forces successfully regained back the main annex.


After securing the main compound, over 150 Islamic militants began assaulting the main compound utilizing machine guns, RPGs, and Mortars. The assault lasted for two hours leaving the CIA contractors to defend the building.That morning, a group of Americans arrived at Benghazi airport to assist the Americans. The team consisted of two active-duty JSOC operators and five CIA contractors. In a few minutes, they arrived at the compound and entered the gates where later inside they came under heavy fire. With this continuous assault, Glen Dorherty came in search for his friend Tyrone S. Woods. He was spotted on the roof along with two agents. Seconds later, a mortar began hitting at Tyrone’s position leaving him dead. A second mortar began to hit towards the compound; Doherty attempted to take cover but to no avail.


Another special agent was wounded after the mortar attacks. David Ubben a diplomatic security service agent had shrapnel injuries. With the annex remaining vulnerable, a convoy and technicals arrived at the annex. The remaining operators prepare to make the final stand. However, the convoy was there to escort all remaining GRS reinforcements out of the annex. U.S Ambassador Christopher J. Stevens was recovered by a group of Libyans. He was taken to the Benghazi Medical center but then he was pronounced dead. During the evacuation, the remaining bodies were taken to the airport and flown to the capital Tripoli. They arrived in Ramstein Air Base in Germany and then transferred to Andrews Air Force Base. At a private ceremony, members of the annex team received medals.


American Ambassador Christopher J. Stevens became the first U.S Ambassador to die in office. This impacted many Americans and Libyans. Despite the warnings, Chris Stevens chose to travel to Benghazi with inadequate security. Libya, Benghazi is listed as the world’s dangerous place. Chris Stevens hoped to establish a new democracy that would maintain diplomatic relations. The aftermath of this assault had many demonstrators in Benghazi and Tripoli condemning the attack including the Libyan Prime Minister Mustafa Abushagur.


The 2012 Benghazi attacks was a significant event that impacted several Americans, even back home. The Benghazi threat levels were critical and the state department was accused of neglecting additional security. The former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and the Obama administration took full responsibility to the Benghazi attacks and many Americans were outraged at Clinton’s involvement in the attacks.


Since the event and the buzz started by the movie “13 Hours”, political candidates began arguing about Hillary Clinton’s choice in running for president―though, Michael Bay said that his film had nothing to do with politics.


The fact that some people use political party logics in an argument like “I do not understand why you Republicans are complaining about four people dead when Bush caused 9/11,” still that doesn’t mean it’s okay for the person who caused it, especially when they are running for president. The whole political party reference is entirely irrelevant; for instance not all typical democrats are anti-gun. For the movie 13 hours, it has been referenced many times from the media; hoping that it would significantly take down Hillary Clinton’s presidency. However, all of what remains is how Hillary is going to run and all of it focuses on the present.
Clinton states that a single person wasn’t lost in Libya, but still forgets the fact that four Americans died. What is seen throughout the media is, Hillary Clinton continues to lie to the American public. So regardless of how people state their political views and parties, it wouldn’t matter if the person was Republican or Democratic since this tragic event impacted several Americans.