Graphic Design Students Prepare for the Art Show


Wenxin Chen

Graphic Design student working on her art show project

From March 18 to April 4, Graphic Design students are working on the projects to display for the Art Show on April 5th, 2019.

Students are creating their originals artworks with the skills they have learned in Graphic Design, and they can present their works through multiple formats, such as Photoshop or Paint.

“[The show] gives [students] experiences in creative showcasing in case they wanted to become professional artists,” advisor Lucas Gearhart said.

Additionally, students must submit a one paragraph proposal for their art show projects. They must describe their plans, choose the mediums they intend to use, and explain the meaning behind their project.

“[Students] show a sense of accomplishment [and] build their portfolios [by participating in the Art Show],” Gearhart said.

Each student must submit at least one piece of artwork for the show.

“I’m doing a painting, because it’s a more creative way to express my emotions,” junior Julianna Mendoza-Loza said.