Episode Is A Flop

The Episode app has been popular for a while. Every girl in elementary and middle school was nothing short of obsessed with it, and I’m not gonna lie, I was too. However, I haven’t played Episode in 2 years and coming back to it now that I’m older, I don’t understand why I was so obsessed.  

It’s Boring: Yeah, Episode has some pretty cute stories but they’re way too cliche, and trust me I enjoy a cliche story, but Episode is too cliche, even for me. The same plot line for every story. Nerd girl likes a bad boy, she goes through a makeover and suddenly she’s the talk of the school. The bad boy finally notices her, and starts pursuing her, but so does the school’s golden boy. I mean the first couple of times you read a story like that it’s cute, but it gets lame real fast. I don’t expect William Shakespeare level writing obviously, but the same plot line for every single story gets really old fast.

It’s Expensive: Yes, Episode is free, but to really have fun is expensive. Episode has special diamonds you pay for and that gets you special outfits and hidden scenes, and yeah, I get they’re a business trying to make money, but it’s still frustrating for the user. The age range for a lot of Episode users is 9 – 13 years old, and a lot of players in that age range don’t have money lying around to pay for an ‘exclusive’ scene on Episode. The worst part is it’s always the coolest scenes and cutest outfits that require diamonds.

The Wait Time Is Ridiculous: Episode rasequires passes to let you read the chapters, and you get four passes every four hours. That’s absolutely ridiculous, I mean a pass gives you access to one chapter. So let’s say you’re really engrossed in a book, and you have to wait four hours every time you want to read a chapter. Honestly, at that point, you just lose interest and give up on the book and that’s what tends to happen with a lot of Episode books. The lack of consistency causes a loss of interest.

The Animation Is A Flop: Episode has made a lot of stride in making their characters more diverse, but there’s something they’ve seemed hesitant to change: the lack of diversity in their body type. There is literally one type of body on Episode. That’s it: one. You can’t even change the weight of the character, so she’s always the same body type and weight. When it looks really weird is when the character is supposed to be a child and they have the body a 20-year-old. I’m not saying they have to have all the body types in the world, but at least give the option of a child’s body and an adult’s body.  

In conclusion, Episode is cute, but they need to do better.