Why Freshman Tend To Be Outcasts


Debbie "The Dolly Mama" on Flickr

As a Freshman, I am automatically labeled as weird. I do nothing to change that. I make myself very different from other people, and I don’t really care. I have a Fortnite backpack. I play Fortnite. I also play Solitaire (both spider and the traditional). I have helicopter parents with very strict rules, and I am not mature, making no progress with the matter. Even though I am not a traditional Freshman, I still have a lot in common with many of my classmates.

1) Procrastination

Even though this goes to everybody in life, we tend to be the most slacking of them all. Our small sense of responsibility make us worried about the little stuff instead of the things that really matter. We spend so much time texting and streaming through the internet than actually worrying about the essay that’s due the next day. For me, it usually ends up with me waiting for my parents to go to sleep so I can sneak off to finish my work after hours of watching gaming videos.

2) Bad Sense of Responsibility

I know there are a lot of those who have responsibility at my age, but for me and many others it’s impossible. It’s just so hard to be mature, I still have a lot of dumb things to do before I grow up. But this of course has some cons. For example, when I came to school for freshman orientation I was more worried if I should bring a backpack or not, than actually being worried about liking the school or not. Maybe I should try to be a grown human being but, who really cares, right?

3) The Process of Growing Up

You know, that thing that make you go through really weird stages of life and makes you feel uncomfortable. Yeah, we still have to deal with that. So many hormones in our body just taking over our body without control is annoying. Sometimes because of it you’re kind of shocked of how you react to certain things and to not go into the details it’s a very unwanted, strange, odd, and embarrassing period of time. I guess it does help us grow up, but all the adults I know aren’t too fun. They make me question why they are the ones in charge. The thought of turning into a bland adult doesn’t make me happy in the least.

4) Our Poor Choices

At A-TECH it isn’t that common, but we do tend to get into very shameful situations. We tend to worry less about our grades than what’s new on Netflix. I will admit I haven’t done some assignments just to be able to play my games or watch the latest news on Apple products. The students that are sort of more mature in some sense to know some stuff, but that doesn’t mean the don’t do things that they regret.

5) Childishness

This kind of blends in with not being mature, but this deserves a whole other level of freshman. This doesn’t apply for a lot of freshman, but it does to me. The reason is  because I am not given too much responsibility. All I have to worry about is school and chores. That’s not my fault either though, it’s my parents’ fault. My parents are too overprotective and they don’t let me do anything at all. I literally just sit in my room once I’m done with everything.

I have just confirmed some stereotypes of freshman, but it’s not bad to act like a kid in my opinion. As a kid, you have smaller worries than a grown person and have many liberties. You can ask your mom for just about anything and she would do it and you can do something wrong and they won’t be mad at you as much. Then, the years come and you are in a weird stage of life where you just are straight up not right. Being a Freshman is just very complex.