High Schools of Las Vegas: Soccer

Juan Pina

Football or soccer, as many people in the United States have come to know it as, is one of the most popular and well known sports in the world. It is no surprise that it is also one of the most popular sports in the diverse city of Las Vegas. Every school plays the sport differently. Every school trains differently. But most importantly of all, students from different schools have their unique input on the sport and how they play it.

goals lead to wins and wins lead to better morale”

— senior Jason Mancilla

No two people are the same. In the sport of soccer, no two players are the same, especially if one of those players goes to a technology based magnet school and the other goes to a public, more sports-based high school. As it turns out, A-TECH students who play the sport seem to be just as motivated as any other student, but the way they play and the way they think and how they prepare for an upcoming game are slightly different.

“When I play, I’m always always thinking of what I can do to help out the team. I want to score goals for the team because I know that goals lead to wins and wins lead to better morale”, said senior Jason Mancilla, who plays for the A-TECH Mavericks. “To score, I try to make runs, create plays, and try to control the middle of the field”.

The way A-TECH soccer players train is very different from how other players from different high schools train, and it is apparent in the way the ball is moved around.

“Here at A-TECH we only have practice once a week. When we do practice, we usually don’t practice specific skills such as accuracy and speed. We instead opt to partake in a rather huge scrimmage consisting of around 10-14 players to a side. If you ask me, our training routines are rather lenient compared to other schools and clubs”, said Jason Mancilla.

The perspective, view, training, and style of play is different from a player at another school with a different type of environment.

“What goes through my mind when I am out on the field is trying to take the win no matter the costs and I try to not only push myself, but everyone else as well to reach towards the win”, said junior Carlos Quinones, who plays for the Clark Chargers Junior Varsity Soccer Team. “


Compared to the way Clark soccer players train, A-TECH soccer training is child’s play.”


To make sure we win and score goals, I control the play from the back and get as many players forward as we possibly can. We flood the other team with wave after wave of attacks. I personally create key passes and attract opposing players to open up space for my teammates”.

Compared to the way Clark soccer players train, A-TECH soccer training is child’s play.

“ We practice at least twice a week. When we practice, we usually start off by running a mile around for endurance and conditioning. After that, we practice plays and usually when we do that, we make sure we are making the correctly timed and weighted passes for my teammates to score. Finally, we play about an hour long scrimmage consisting of around 11-15 players”, said Carlos Quinones.
Surprisingly enough, the one thing all players have in common, no matter the location or school or age, is simply the fact that they love to play football. They find a passion and a love for the game when they play it. Nonetheless, the sport of soccer among Las Vegas high schools  is very different. Whether one team is better than the other, or they play and think differently about the sport, the love for the beautiful game is strong and always will be.