bury a friend Song Review



Artists are usually put into a little box called genre. If I could think of one artist that couldn’t fit into that box, it would be the one and only, Billie Eilish. I remember the first time I heard “bury a friend. I was counting down the minutes for the song to release and kept refreshing Billie’s YouTube page every 3 seconds to finally see the music video pop out. Once it did, I immediately fell in love with it and had it on loop for the rest of the day. “bury a friend” I believe tops everything Billie has written so far, it has a different type of vibe and has sort of a spookiness level to it that blends the whole song together.

Let’s start analyzing Billie’s masterpiece.

Signature Billie

Once the song starts unleashing its art, you hear Billie’s name in not even the first second of the song. It’s a deep and majestic voice made by one of her friends the mighty Crooks. The story is that right after she discovered and finished the beat she wanted for her song to have her name in the beginning, she knew she needed to hear it there. She then texted Crooks and asked him to send her a recording of him saying her name, which is the well said “Billie” in the first millisecond of the song. It was sort of like she was branding the song, claiming it as hers. That is definitely my favorite part of the song. I believe it was a brilliant and creative idea executed perfectly.

Bop or not?

There is a shuffle beat used for this song which is kind of the solo tapping in the beginning of the tune and throughout it. In my opinion, it makes the song upbeat and hype worthy enough to dance or jump around too. Although it being a “creepy” song and more of a “sit down and listen” kind of track, you can definitely see yourself going crazy in your room and disturbing all of your siblings. 

Digging deeper

In Billie’s mind, there was a certain aspect and idea she was trying to represent with “bury a friend” which is more clearly seen in the music video with its devilish details, gory colors, and graphics. It is shown off as Billie being the Boogeyman, the monster underneath peoples bed. The idea she wanted to show is adoration until insanity. Adoring something so much to the point of exiling everything around you including yourself can lead to that thing haunting you in your wildest dreams, until the point where you let that thing get so attached that it lingers under your bed. Maybe the people that praise Billie too much lead them to her crawling underneath their bed. If that’s so, then sign me up! 


There’s no doubt about it, this song makes you flinch and makes your skin crawl. This is where she went full out, adding wiry sounds in the song itself and topping it off with disturbing lyrics. Dark music being one of Billie’s strong points and seen frequently throughout her songs, she made the “bury a friend” music video look as if it was taken out of a horror movie. While coinciding with the actual song itself, she didn’t go way over the top, and neither did she leave anything missing. She definitely gave us all the wow factors.  This was the ultimate cherry on the top. 

The day I discovered Billie was the day my view in music changed. I never thought I could enjoy the type of style Billie has, now I am very fortunate to have found her. Please note, Billie’s style isn’t for everyone. However, if you care to listen to something different, check Billie out, because she definitely makes an impression. Peace out from this crazed Billie fan.