The Best and Worst Parts of Road Trips


Road trips can be super fun and cool, especially if you’re traveling with friends or family. These road trips are fun on one hand, but on the other hand, these trips can be agonizing. There are definitely two different sides to these road trips. So here’s ten reasons as to why road trips are the best and the worst.

Let’s start off with the worst parts of road trips. The absolute number one worst part of road trips is having no space! It’s almost impossible to get comfy in that overcrowded car. You’re either getting nudged by the person next to you, or your neck just keeps killing you no matter how you lay. Also, trying to lay on the window is a real pain. There’s just no way to get really comfortable!

Then on top of not being able to find that perfect spot, it makes it so much harder to fall asleep. Yes, some people can fall asleep like nothing, but those other people have it real bad. The trip gives almost everyone the perfect opportunity to catch some z’s. Yet when you can’t find the right spot it makes it ten times more difficult to catch up on some sleep.

Now, number three on this list for the worst parts of road trips is no doubt the moment when anything from your leg, foot, hand, arm, or even your butt falls asleep. The feeling of a body part falling asleep and waking back up has to be at least one of the top ten worst feelings ever! Like, c’mon, it just feels so weird!

Next on this list is what every single parent reminds you of, but you always seem to let it go right over your head. Going to the bathroom! Your parents always tell you to use the bathroom before you leave, but what do you do? You pass it over, saying, “Oh, I don’t have to go.” Then you end up regretting it. Or maybe you do go before you leave, and you listen. Somehow you always end up having to use the bathroom, at least once. Also funny how as soon as you need to go, you are nowhere close to a bathroom!

Last but certainly not least, for top five worst parts of road trips, we, of course, have the annoying company of our friends and family. Yes, spending time with your friends and family can be super fun, but it can also be super dreadful. After sitting in a cramped car for hours, just hearing the voice of your annoying sibling is eye-rolling.

My family and friends preparing for a road trip to Utah | Madison Kennedy

Now there’s always a brighter side to everything. So moving on to the better side of things. Here’s five reasons as to why road trips are the best.

Probably the best part of road trips would, of course, be all the snacks that you now have an excuse to buy. I mean, who doesn’t just love to eat food? Especially when now you have an excuse to buy these yummy snacks. Yes, you might regret eating all those chips or whatever snacks you get later, but, in the moment, it’s absolutely the best. Yet these sweet treats and tasty snacks don’t stand alone on this list.

A tasty treat for the road | Madison Kennedy

Okay, snacks are amazing and all, but you know what makes these snacks better? Throwbacks! No one spends hours in a silent car. You always have to play some music. So it’s almost natural to pull up some of those old throwback songs that you know every single lyric to but don’t listen to all the time.

Not only are the snacks and the oldies amazing, but let’s talk about the amazing scenery that you don’t get to see too often. A change of scenery is always nice, especially while you’re traveling. You get to see so many new things and places. Also, it gives you the perfect opportunities to get some bomb pictures in there.

Kelso, California, at night | Madison Kennedy

Looking at nature’s beauty is tons of fun, but it still doesn’t fill up all the time. Another great part of road trips is definitely playing car games like I Spy and Slug Bug with your fellow car mates.

Saving the best for last, there’s the unbeatable opportunity to hangout with people you love. At moments, they may be super annoying and you may not get along all that well, but there are always laughs and smiles shared while on a road trip. Yes, it may sound corny. But memories with the ones you love will always be the best remembered.

Fun in a cramped van! | Madison Kennedy