Playlist Wonders

You can find out a lot about a person by looking through their playlist. Being sucked into a black hole of my favorite artists music is my version of a good time. I wanted to discover the different types of “black holes” my fellow Mavericks are getting sucked into. 

Freshman Karissa Hassad had a particular genre that affected her mood.

“My favorite genre of music is hip hop and my favorite artist is 21 savage. It’s a hype type of music and puts me in a bright mood.”

Music definitely gets you in a peppy type of mood, but others might use it to chill out after a long day, sophomore Soody Nemati felt that way with her favorite type of music.

“My favorite is pop, and I like Khalid, the music is calming and it’s about his life story which is nice to hear.”

Some people might be a little old school and rock with the oldies, something sophomore Matthew Bragonie can relate to.

“I like 80’s rock, I started listening to it one day and just couldn’t stop.”

The way music affects us can be enjoyable, freshman Lucas Hunt appreciated the way music changed his moods.

“My favorite kind of music is rap and I really like playboi carti, I like the flow and vibes of the music. It makes me happier when I am sad.”

Not everyone’s music taste is the same, and that is the beauty of music. The diversity and variety is something that should be acknowledged and appreciated.