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What Really Matters In A Person

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Judging too early is a big problem. Sometimes we judge without meaning to. Certain shows and certain things like social media and stereotypes make us judge. For example, certain people may have a resting mad face making them look mad. You just think  ‘they must be mean,’ but it turns out they’re one of the kindest people to be around. It’s something we can’t avoid and sometimes can’t control.

Some of us are very opinionated. We need to better ourselves and think about the things we judge people for because sometimes it’s simply because they don’t like the same things we do, or because they’re a little different from us. We don’t talk to certain people because they’re so different from us but we might be missing out. We need to rethink what really matters in people.

I feel if we’re ever to really judge someone it should be for who or how they are as a person. Some people are actually rude and their friends would justify it as them joking. Some people claim to make “jokes” but are actually just disrespectful. We should decide whether or not we want to socialize with people because of how they are, not because they’re different from us.


At times people do certain things, like certain things or even say certain things to fit in, which goes into ‘trends’ or ‘being trendy’. We should be you and do everything it is we like whether or not we think someone will judge us for it. The main point is we should always do what we like, and stop worrying about everyone else. 

It’s pretty hard to find someone who is very similar to us as individuals, or who likes to do the same things we do. Many lack that “instant connection”. The right people or the right friends will come to us at some point.

In the end, we should be the best people we can be—worry about becoming our best self. We need to stop judging for the littlest things and let people be or like whatever it is they want.  

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