What To Build In The Empty Lot?

On Tuesday, March 5th, Rose Coe’s Civil Engineering class started part three of their semester exam. They are required to calculate foundations so they can figure out how much of what goes where for their buildings.

The different groups are now at the point in the project to where they are doing more of the deep, more detailed work. Their main focuses now are the interior and exterior spaces.

“They are seeing what the interior spaces are going to look like [and] what the exterior spaces are going to look like on a building it’s self,” Coe said.

All of the groups have many ideas, and they have a lot of requirements to get done. Decision making has been very important for the kids since day one.

“It’s very important for them to figure out is it going to be modern, is it going to be old style, what is the buildings space going to look like,” Coe said.

Every team needs to figure out what they are going to put in the empty lot and why, as well as what made that building so special that they are going to go through so much work to make sure it gets built.

“The building we chose that would fit good in the middle of town is a gym. This was our place of choice because we are all athletes and we realized that there aren’t really any good gyms close in the area just to go be active and play basketball,” junior Henry Obregon said.

All of the buildings chosen by Coe’s class are not the same, they can be buildings just to have fun and buildings to get your education on.

“We thought a library would be smart because there are a lot of schooling and residential places in the area, and the nearest library is off the Rancho freeway exit,” junior David Fleisher Jr said.

Every building is a different shape and size. What you based your building on affects how much interior and exterior work students will be required to do.

“For our gym, the inside is the hardest part for me and my group to work on. It’s more challenging because the inside requires finer details. We have to work on the bathrooms, sizes of the seats, size of the gym, the locker rooms, and etc,” junior Adrian Montenegro said.

The outside for both of these teams have their differences. One group may think it was easier, while the others may think otherwise.

“The outside is harder to work on for our library. I say this because it’s the first impression somebody has, and we don’t want the outside of our library to not look relaxing and calming for our guest,” Fleisher said.

Keeping the outside of the building nice and clean is important, but that also means having to keep the landscaping up to date.

“Basically, I am working on the landscaping and I decided that it’s going to be just basic landscaping. The landscaping is going to help emphasize the building, but still have that awakening appeal to it,” junior William Rith said.

When it comes to this project, there are many different task to be done. Every task will have helped the building look it’s best by the end.

“They are doing this project so that myself and my fellow colleagues can get them to understand the process of how much of something can go into a building. You don’t just walk in and it’s done, there’s a lot of things that need to be done,” Coe said.

By their semester exams, these kids will have understood and been taught all the work it takes to put into a building. They will have more knowledge about this project when it’s all said and done.