Windows of A-TECH to Get New Clings


Brennan Galvin

Two of the new clings

A new design was pasted over the door windows in the CTE hallway. The design features a maverick logo in the middle of a purple background.

“The door clings serve two purposes, bring color to our hallway and provide more security during a lock-down” said Principle Johnathon Synold “It is very difficult to see through these when the lights are turned off.”

The project will cost about $1900 which was approved by the School Organization Team.

“[The clings] were designed by our new graduation contractor, Herff Jones,” said Synold.”

Other decorations will also be going up around the school soon.

You will see the art students finish their welcome pillar in the atrium with hundreds of flags,” said Synold. “We will also have another pillar go up to celebrate our 25th anniversary next year.“