ACT Test and Registration

On Wednesday, March 6, 2019, all juniors attended the SAC to go and fill out their information for the ACT, which will be taken on March 12, 2019.

The purpose of this “registration” is because the ACT is a test that colleges use to estimate a student’s intelligence. Students need to take the test to get into college and the registration ask questions to let colleges know who you are, where you live, and what you plan to do in the future.

This is done so they can send the scores to colleges of your choice which can help you to know about what you may need to do to get into that college.

Vanessa Fuentes, a junior, feels that the ACT Registration was not publicized enough to the junior class.

“Honestly, I feel like it wasn’t advertised enough. None of the juniors were really aware about it, but it’s just filling out paperwork so I’m not that scared,” stated Fuentes.

Andrei Iorgulescu, a junior, believes that though it may be a drag, it is a necessary act that must be performed.

“It’s boring but it has to be done so,” said Iorgulescu.

In addition, when asked whether or not be believes the registration should be completed on the day of the test because it takes away class time, his response was one of opposition.

“I think doing it a week before is actually pretty good, because the day of the test if we have to register and complete all the paperwork, we would already be bored,” stated Iorgulescu.

Junior Joey Webber also feels as if that the registration is an important matter.

“I think that it is important if you wanna take the ACT. And I think that the ACT is important cause it’s one of the ways colleges measures you as a student, and it’s a big factor to getting into a good college,” said Webber.

When asked whether or not Webber was prepared for the ACT, he answered with uncertainty.

“Maybe. I’ve been through eleven years of this stuff, but I don’t know if I know,” said Webber.

As the ACT draws near with less than a week away, juniors are getting anxious and worried because of the pressure that comes along with the test. This test helps to determine what colleges will look at you and consider you. Juniors, it will be long and it will be boring, but just make sure that you are prepared and relax come the day of.