Mass Media Is Too Focused on Trump Drama

The mass news media is getting out of hand. (Mass media in this context will refer to the older companies such as NBC, CNN, CBS, Fox, etc.) These companies are so keen on Trump and other insignificant political events they are ignoring massive political events even those that could lead to world conflict.

In November of 2018, Russia attacked and seized a Ukrainian vessel traveling through neutral watters. The news media reported on it for one day, had one story and only mentioned it in one news hour on TV (usually stories will repeat for the next few news hours or days). Because of this, many people have not heard about it. 

The same thing happened when Russia seized a neutral island off the coast of Japan. The result is a bunch of uninformed people whose only concern is how the Republicans and Democrats are messing up the country, rather than how the world is headed into major conflict.

Don’t believe me about their concerns with US politics? Search anything related to US politics and you will most likely get something about Donald Trump doing something “horrible” or an “impeachable act” that you have heard about for the 20th time. Talking about the same thing not only gets boring for the reader but can also distract from other articles: the important news. 

Another thing to compare is the content of these articles. Donald Trump and other politicians in these articles are treated like celebrities. Every little drama that doesn’t matter is on there about them. While other articles are about meaningful things such as Russia attacking a country, war, or a new bill that has passed. Those things affect us personally, not Donald Trump did this, X politician did this, or Y did a bad thing. I want to hear about their policy, what laws they passed, did their stances change.

I don’t want to hear the things I’ve been hearing about these politicians since the day they took office. I want to hear about what kind of things they are doing to aid or destroy the country and couldn’t care less about where in the world they are. I want to  hear about the stuff that truly matters to the people of the world, not to the people who follow celebrity drama.

If there is one takeaway from this, it’s that the news media should be reporting about policy and actions. And not just actions he made 30 years ago that we’ve been hearing about for the past three years, but new policies and new actions that these people are taking now. A good example of quality reporting is about the Summit that happened recently, those are the kinds of things I want to know about, not his trial that we’ve been hearing about repeatedly throughout the year.