Why You Shouldn’t Go to Journalism’s Carnival Booth


Logga Wiggler

Ever since Editor-in-Chief Katheryn Ellis took the position of “editor-in-chief”, the editor-in-chief of the Maverick Pulse, a.k.a. “editor-in-chief”, otherwise known as editor-in-chief, also known in some places as “editor-in-chief,” this may be the single worst thing Katheryn has ever done. Read more if you wish to know more about what sins Ellis has committed.

When I walked into journalism the first day of my junior year, I knew that something was up. Then I saw her. Katheryn. She had done the unspeakable. I was shocked. Katheryn’s actions were inexcusable.

It all started this school year at a school called Advanced Technologies Academy, or A-TECH. It was journalism class, and Katheryn had been newly elected the editor-in-chief.

At first, nothing happened. Then, something happened.

“I can’t believe Katheryn did that honestly,” said reporter Wenxin Chen. “What she did was really bad.”

What did Katheryn do? Now, let me tell you.

One day, in the class of journalism, taught by Courtney Stern, the journalism teacher of journalism class, responsible for teaching journalism to the class of journalism students of Journalism I and Journalism II, here for journalism, also known as “journalism,” I saw, from the corner of my eye and everywhere else that isn’t the corner of my eye, a figure.

That figure was the human. The human known as, first name: Katheryn, last name: Ellis.

Katheryn had done something very, very wrong.

I didn’t think, in my honest opinion, that what Ellis did was of 100% non-malicious attempt. I could not forgive her, and I do not think the readers of the Maverick Pulse will be able to forgive her, too.

This is what she did:

Now, before I tell you what she did, I need to give the backstory.

It all started in this school, and Katheryn was in journalism class.

“What Katheryn did makes me not happy,” said Stern. “I hope she doesn’t do it anymore.”

And that’s why you shouldn’t go to journalism at the carnival.

Editor’s Note: The Maverick Pulse does not endorse staff writer Michael Castaneda’s buffoonery.