Upcoming Renovations

Earlier last week, a CCSD certified painter from the facilities department added a new splash of color to one of the stairways in the atrium in order to provide some upkeep of the old paint which was supposed to be painted a long ago.

According to Principal Jonathan Synold, this has been in the works for about a year or so. Things take a while to get through the facility department. During the budget cut crisis, CCSD had to cut several of their employed painters. That’s why he’s barely coming in to do this now.

The first stairway was painted purple earlier this week, but this is only the beginning of a long process.

The district has specifically hired the painters to work after school so as to not disturb the student’s learning environment.

When asked why the color purple, Synold responded with,”If you remember how they looked like before, you can clearly notice that the stairways were quite old, and we wanted to bring in some of that school spirit.”

The steps up the stairway are painted after our school color, a deep plum purple. The initial plan was to have the railings a light gray shade, however there was a small mishap.

“I think [the painter] made a mistake. I’m pretty sure the handrails are supposed to be gray, but it’s quite clear that there was an error because the railings connecting to the floor are purple,” said junior Martinique Bell.


In addition to the newly painted stairways, purple window clings show casing our school logo will be hung on the windows of every teachers’ classrooms.

Synold says these window clings are,”decorative, but also useful for security purposes. If we were to have a hard lock down, it would be very difficult to see through those screens with the lights off.”

He then added,”And even though we’ll still have teachers cover them up, this will just add that extra layer of protection in case you have a substitute teacher or someone who isn’t aware of the policy.

“I’m actually a fan of all of these new changes around school. It was about time we added some color to this mental institution, said freshman Sheyenne Pascascio.

So look forward to more upcoming renovations!