Tattoos: The Lead Killer of Dreams, Spirit, and Opportunity


Skyler Lange

Senior Daniel Po

Skyler Lange

Tattoos are a form of art that can signify the importance of an event, people, attributes or creativity of a person. This impressive artistry is created by puncture wound in the dermis layer of your skin. Multiple needles inject the ink beneath your skin, creating a design. Tattoos are considered to be permanent but can be removed with different treatments over the course of a year depending on how big it is. With tattoos becoming a commercial commodity among young people, you’re bound to see a student with a tattoo here at A-TECH. Although we as adolescents might view having a tattoo in high school as edgy, or trendy, those of the older generations seem to disagree.

Tattoos have grown to play a large role in today’s day in age and have grown to be popular. With places such as instagram, snapchat, and twitter to show them off to teens who are constantly under the influence of the inkings.


Health teacher Mr.Stridde commented about tattoos on students, stating, “It’s foolish for somebody that’s young to do something that’s going to affect them for their entire life.”


Many of our parents or guardians fear that getting a tattoo at such a young age will cause all of our opportunities at employment or any other form of success to fly out the nearest window. Having tattoos is seen as unprofessional in the work force.

“At this age you’ve got to think about your future,” says history teacher Mr.Henderson. “They should be coverable.”


“I think they’re [older people] not used to the idea of somebody being able to take full control of their body and express in a way that seems unorthodox to them and also be able to have a career without the repercussion of having a tattoo,” says Senior Catalin Lerhan.


Senior Catalin Lerhan
Senior Catalin Lerhan


To the students who have tattoos, some of us don’t see having tattoos as a problem. Many would say tattoos are a sign of rebellion and disobedience, but that’s not always the case. Tattoos are a sign of liberty and expression that should be able to be showcased to the whole world without judgement.

Critiques, such as if one will regret their tattoos in the future or criticizing them for their choice was definitely not uncommon encounters for senior Daniel Po.

“I don’t get those comments anymore. The only people who really ask those questions are my grandparents.”


Research suggests only 20 percent of people with tattoos are dissatisfied with their markings, and only 6 percent actually seek to get them removed.
Tattoos are legally accessible to youth at as young a 14 years old in the U.S. Approximately 38 percent of millennials have a tattoo and the numbers are rapidly rising. Tattoos are slowly but surely changing the world and it is only fair that we don’t criticize youth for such a bold decision. Tattoos are rightfully yours. It’s a memory you take with you wherever you go. No matter how many cheap scratchers try to replicate your own design, it’s not going to change how that very tattoo represents something in your life; a milestone, a person, an achievement and stories worth-telling.