Oil Pastel Flower Project

On January 28, Art 1 started their oil pastel flower project. This project required students to scale pictures of flowers onto a larger paper and distinguish the background from the foreground.

“Yeah, this project has definitely put my color blending skills to the test,” freshman Alejandro Yanez said. “I hope it helps improve my skills by helping me learn how to blend better and color in general.”

They need to color the image with oil pastels and distinguish the background from the foreground using warm and cool colors. Students also need to understand how to blend the colors.

“For example, if you color your flower a warm color, your background behind the flower had to be a cooler color,” freshman Corinne Chavez said.

Students were given the option to choose if the flower was a darker color or a brighter color, but whatever they chose had to contrast with the background.

This project was initially meant to end February 9th, but students had to create another copy, so the due date is currently unclear.