Education Issues

High school is a huge pain for everyone in every shape and form, but the biggest issue for me, and probably a lot of other people, has always been my nerves and my stress levels. However, I always seem to find that things are a lot better than I think they’re going to be. Here are my experiences at A-TECH with being nervous and stressed for no real reason.

First off, one of the biggest arising issues is mental health and education and how they work together at school. People have bad days, but apparently education sometimes doesn’t understands that. People always mention that teachers and the education system have no regards for how stressed out their students are and I have to agree that that’s often the case.

However, A-TECH is, more often than not, the exception to this stereotype. I know many teachers who I’ve talked to after I’ve had a bad day or days and they completely understand and make sure I don’t stress myself out. I’ve seen teachers actively work around students so that they can feel the best that they can. Teenagers are balls of quivering anxiety and time bombs of induced stress and I’m glad that there are some saints who are more than willing to help you feel better.

I once walked out of a class before a speech because I was extremely scared for no apparent reason for that particular speech and the teacher made sure I was okay and now, before any of our speeches, she always checks up on me to see if I’m okay to do my speech. I surely won’t ever forget about that.

Sometimes, students have way too much work on their hands with frequent tests and quizzes, never ending speeches, and projects and sometimes they just all decide to happen within the same time period. Teachers here are extremely flexible and if you tell them that you have x project to do and x test is this Friday and that you don’t think you’ll be able to finish x assignment, then teachers are almost always complete okay with extending the due date. They know how hard high school is, as well as how much pressure is put on students when they go to A-TECH. The fact that they can even acknowledge that is beyond me.

I’ve had multiple times in my freshmen year where I have excessive amounts of work that all line up in the same week and just talking to teachers about it helps reduce my stress by a lot.

Even the front office is super understanding and sweet and I’ve failed to meet a single rude or degrading person who treats you like an idiot. The amount of times I’ve done dumb things in the present of an adult is crazy and the fact that they just help you and don’t get aggravated or annoyed about a confused kid is really amazing.

I am absolutely horrendous when it comes to talking to people and asking for help and the teachers make me feel comfortable, the only way that they make feel like an idiot is when I realize I was scared of talking to them for absolutely no reason.

I forgot to pay for my AP exam this year and I was freaking out all day and I was terrified about how badly I’d get yelled and scolded at, but when I went to turn it in, not a single soul even looked at me twice, let alone with a disappointed look. The office aid just smiles and helped me fill in my information sheets and they answered every question I had. It really was a sight for sore eyes.

School is stressful and anxiety inducing and anyone can tell you that. I’m beyond grateful for how understanding teachers and staff are and I’m thankful for A-TECH being extremely understanding with their students.