How ‘Apex Legends’ Might Take Over Gaming


Pathfinder, a character in ‘Apex Legends’

Apex Legends has had many players since its launch, garnering over ten million in three days alone, challenging the top game in the world, Fortnite. Fortnite is one of the most popular games of its time and was at its peak just two months into its launch. What really is going to happen to all these games, including Fortnite, may be unpredictable. But let’s go off of what we know.

So far, Apex has blown away Twitch. Within one week, the game had 200,000 viewers, three times Fortnite has right now. Not only that, Apex Legends had 25 million downloads in its first week, crushing the Fortnite mark of ten million in its first two weeks after launching in 2017. Much of this could be due to many players getting tired of the various bugs and overpowered metas in Fortnite.

Apex is breaking records fast and has many streamers debating on whether to quit their original game to play Apex.

“I just want to quit Fortnite and play Apex,” said popular Twitch streamer Ninja.

But what is it about the game that is so interesting?

Apex Legends is something of a zeitgeist stew, checking all the boxes of recent trends all the way down to its grandiose but not a script. It’s one-part battle royale complete with descent, loot scavenging, and shrinking playable area. It’s another-part hero shooter, featuring personable heros, called legends, with unique abilities built for steadfast teaming,” said IGN video games critic Steven Petite.

The game essentially is that. A fresh map with fresh graphics. A fresh way to glide down the air in harmony with other teammates. The sounds of reviving teammates and of firing weapons are things that most games don’t offer. With eight different characters, with each of them having different abilities, it makes it hard to counter the temptation to play it.

“None of those borrowed ideas scream originality, but here, they come together quite well as something new thanks to a lavishly designed map, an innovative communication system, great gunplay, and a degree of polish that is all but unheard of in this genre,” said Petite.

The game doesn’t have that much originality when it comes to the general idea of the game. What makes it outstanding is the small details that it has. But still, Apex is the new thing. Its fresh new content has swayed many players worldwide. I tried the game, and I found it to be really good. I still don’t enjoy it over my other selection of games, but it is something I would play when I don’t feel like playing my other games.

Apex just has an exquisite amount of map dynamic. The vertical and horizontal mobility is amazing, and the way you can slide and jump over things is mind-boggling.

So, overall, is Apex worth it? According to IGN, it’s a solid 9/10, still not beating Fortnite, which has a 9.6/10 rating. My verdict is an 8.5/10 just because of the way you have to be good with the characters’ abilities. It’s hard to know who to choose and why to choose them.

So if you are tired of a game and are just think of trying something new for a change, Apex Legends is the way to go.