Girls Go Cyberstart to Start Again

An email sent to Melissa Perrin-Smith on February 19 states the Cybersecurity event Girls Go Cyberstart is ready to start again this time with support from Governor Steve Sisolak and others in the Nevada Government.

“‘I am committed to ensuring that all young women across Nevada have access to the education and experiences that will prepare them for exciting careers in STEM fields,’ said Governor Sisolak. According to an article attached to the email, Steve Sisolak also mentioned his support for Go Cyberstart within the announcement.

The event also does not just focus on girls. Unique to this year, boys will be allowed to participate later in the year.

“If the girls at your school complete a certain number of challenges, the event opens up to your school boys,”  Director Brian L. Mitchell said in an email about the event.

That “certain number of challenges” is unknown at the time but more information is in the works.

As for A-TECH, IT teacher Melissa Perrin-Smith said, “We are so excited” noting that “[Last year] the girls had lots of fun and actually won $500.”

The annual event tries to get students involved in cybersecurity and related fields through a series of events. These include “gamelike” scenarios that can challenge people to explore aspects of cybersecurity.

“It’s a melting pot of different ideas of cybersecurity” said Perrin-Smith describing Girls Go Cyberstart. “It’s a way to better understand when they talk about cyber what are they talking about.”

For students interested in the event, sign ups start now. The cybersecurity club will try to get people to sign up during both lunches.