Seiya Shirabe and His Personal Projects

Sophomore Seiya Shirabe may impress his peers as he is working on three different projects at a time. He is currently working on a VR multiplayer wizard game. Shirabe said it is going to be a game where the players can cast different spells and have dueling involved. This is a class project where he is working with a friend for a grade.

He is also working on a Verizon project where he is partnering with Ursela Garvin’s embotics company. They are making AR headsets that are going to be cheaper than the regular ones and more accessible to kids. There will also be an app attached to this school project. He says it’s basically putting on AR glasses and then they will be able to build a robot as a mock-up to see how the robot will turn out. This project is for the Developers Club.

Shirabe is working on another personal horror game project. This game will be, “kind of like the Slenderman game,” Shirabe said. There will be a warehouse where you have to pick up notes and have enemies around.

“I just have genuine interest in it and I think it’s really fun and you get to learn a lot with it,” said Shirabe.

Lorenzo Hernandez, Shirabe’s Digital Game Development teacher, said. “Seiya is a really great student, he’s in his second year in digital game design. He’s really motivated and creative. And he’s just a self starter. Just one of those students, you sent him in the right direction and he just goes on his own. I really enjoy having him in my class. Well, some of the things that he’s working on are really sort of beyond the scope of what we’re doing in the classroom, so he’s a bit ahead of the rest of the class. He’s working on an assignment in virtual reality. And so, he’s kind of one of the first students to start working on a VR project. And yeah, he’s amazing. And I just love his work ethic. And he’s just a great student.”