You Should Have Gone For The Head…

For you Marvel fans, I know for a fact that you are excited (and also frightened) for the upcoming Avengers 4 movie, Avengers: Endgame. It will be the last movie for many of our favorite actors as their contracts expire. The real question, though, is who will defeat the Mad Titan.

With half of our heroes gone and the rest of Avengers at an all-time low, defeating Thanos will not be an easy task. Although the remaining heroes will do their best to defeat Thanos, but the question isn’t can they, it is who will?

Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist

Without a doubt, Tony Stark is a going to play a big part in defeating Thanos. Throughout the history of the MCU, Iron Man has been the most important character in this storyline. With Thanos being “inside” his head since The Attack On New York and putting up an incredible fight in Infinity War, Tony will play a major role in bringing back our favorite heroes.

In the first released trailer for Endgame, the beginning of the teaser focused on Tony in space nearing his death. But…we all know that he is not going to go like that. The second trailer focuses more on Captain America and his perspective on the effects of the snap. I do believe that Tony Stark will play a role in defeating Thanos, but I also do think that he will not be the only one.

The Star-Spangled Capsicle?

First I just wanna say that Steve Rogers definitely deserved more screen time than he got in Infinity War. He got about 6 minutes. Six. Whopping. Minutes.

Still, the fact that Steve is a human and that Thanos is a titan is something that needs to be taken into consideration when thinking about why he had such little screen time. When you think about it, characters with some sort of power/s or who can harness “power” had the most screen time because of their ability to put up a good fight against Thanos. Steve Rogers, well…. not so much.

That said, I do think that Steve Rogers will play a bigger role in taking down Thanos in Endgame. He is the glue of the Avengers and is definitely the most likable one. But his motivation is the thing that will keep him in the fight against Thanos, or in the pursuit of reversing his acts.

It Would Have Been a Waste of Parts!

Nebula, oh Nebula. Isn’t she just like the 34,395 best anti-villain in the Marvel universe. Kidding, but seriously, I don’t know how I feel about her yet. She has only appeared in GOTG Vol. 1, GOTG Vol. 2, and Infinity War, and in each movie, she has played such small roles. We really don’t know much about her and her backstory, making her a character that’s just there.

Nonetheless, in the comics, Nebula plays a huge role in defeating Thanos. In the storyline of Infinity War, while Thanos is distracted, Nebula manages to take the gauntlet off of Thanos’s arm, causing him to lose the stones with her reversing the damage he caused. She is the only who ultimately defeats Thanos, though the MCU hasn’t given her the justice she deserves.

I do hope that Nebula plays a major role in reversing the act of the snap. The MCU needs to give her a big part in Endgame in order for us to get a taste of the Infinity War comics in a live action movie.

Point Break

As the MCU has progressed, I think we can agree that Thor has gained more respect and power as a character. At the beginning of the MCU, he was just a guy that could strike lightning when needed. Although, he has grown to a more diverse character throughout the movies. Despite the poor storyline in Thor: The Dark World, we have seen Thor become more human and emotional in other movies such as Age of Ultron and especially Thor: Ragnarok.

In Infinity War, Thor was one of the four Avengers that put up an epic fight against Thanos and single-handedly took him down while he had possession of every Infinity stone. Even though Thor should have gone for the head, he is most powerful Avenger (yes, even more powerful than Captain Marvel in my opinion).

Without a doubt, Thor is going to want revenge. He will meet Thanos again and with the help of the other Avengers, he will be more successful, hopefully.

Who Did I Forget?

While there are many more Avengers still left, I honestly believe that Tony, Steve, Nebula, and Thor will be the most critical Avengers in defeating Thanos and reversing his snap. Yes, Captain Marvel is projected to be the most powerful Avenger, but we would only have seen her in one movie before Endgame. I don’t think any other Avengers will play a big role in bringing back 50% of the population. Though I could be wrong, I can’t see any other Avengers doing so.

Black Widow, Antman, Hulk, Hawkeye, Rocket, Okoye, War Machine, and Pepper Pots (even though she really isn’t an Avenger) will probably play decent parts in Endgame. In Infinity War, every character had their special moment. I do think that the same thing will happen in Endgame, but they won’t be as big as the four I mentioned earlier in taking down the Mad Titan.

As the wait for Endgame continues, we can only hope for one of the best superhero movies we’ve ever seen in history. Captain Marvel will have to keep us entertained just enough before the end of an epic storyline. We hope for the best in Endgame, but we know that the worst is yet to come.