Business Battle: US vs China

One of Earth’s mightiest resources are our businesses, but where in the world are these amazing businesses? Business students will be answering the question of ‘would you do business in China?’ with their latest project, China Dynasty.

The three week long project is a highly researched-based project starting off with students making individual essays comparing the production of goods in China to the ones here in America. From there, students are put into groups where they come to a consensus about where they would choose to make their t-shirt goods based on what they found in their research.

The group work and the individual essays are separate grades however, with the essay being graded on the comparisons and the differences between the two countries workforces, the reasons why each country has products made in each other’s countries along with how they’re produced and imported there, the products’ effects on the economy, and the issues with each of the country’s products.

The group aspect on the other hand will be graded based on the groups research on how their t-shirts will be produced in each country, why it would cost less to make things in China versus make them domestically, how they identify issues with each country’s production and how they overcome those problems, and their decision matrix which they use to chose where they’d make their shirts.

The groups will finish off with giving their final verdict in their five to ten minute presentation explaining why they choose what they choose.

Best of luck to all business students on their project.