Things To Do To Forget Valentine’s Day

February 14th marks Valentine’s day, where most couples show greater love and compassion to each other than on any other day. For those are single, this is usually a pretty lonely day.

Single people have different perspectives and feelings than to those who are in a relationship. Most singles don’t care at all for this date while others do get the feeling of isolation/loneliness.

On this day, it’s hard to find activities to do while not get jealous of couples being in love with each other. If you found your way to this article, due to boredom on Valentine’s Day, here are activities you can take part in.

For you folks that have Wi-Fi access, you can binge-watch your favorite Netflix or Hulu series.

When binge-watching a series, people don’t usually care what’s going on in the world but care on what’s happening in the series’ world, plotline, or why a certain character won’t overcome their anxiety!

Wi-Fi users can also log into a computer or laptop and go to a website filled with a variety of games, or go to the app store and download a random game.

One can play many random games and can find an interest in one of the games. When someone is interested in a certain game, they would usually put most of their attention towards it.

A person might be focused on getting a high score or fully completing which could make you/them forget about Valentine’s day at that moment.

Internet users can also get on youtube and watch meme compilations to get a big laugh that can overcome Valentine’s blues.

The Z-generation is known to have a low attention span and depression. The depression has a chance to grow during Valentine’s day.

When looking at a meme, people can get distracted by it immediately, due to being very dumb, relatable, or humorous.

You can also watch some videos from youtube starts, for example, MrBeast or PewDiePie for their humorous content or Animators for their relatable and interesting stories.

If that doesn’t work out for you then you could try a new exercise or do your favorite workout(s). You might enjoy that new exercise and choose to improve in it.

Your body is willing to cope with the load you have while doing your favorite workout/exercise because your body is willing to do it.

If you don’t enjoy physical activities, then you can go back to your favorite childhood book series or just read a random children’s book series.

A children’s book series usually don’t contain any romance, so you avoid that. Like with binge-watching a series, would always wonder what will happen next or question why “that didn’t happen!”.

In case you didn’t enjoy any of those activities, then being an A-TECH student you can do assignments, homework, or projects assign that day.

You’ll probably get stressed out that you’re not worried about love, but except what to write down for an answer.

A-TECH students, you know you have a big homework load, especially students who are in AP (advanced placement) classes.

After getting your work done, or coming back from school you’ll usually find yourself sleepy. You can spend most of your time on valentine’s days sleeping.

You wouldn’t worry or care about romance or anything happening on earth for that moment. When you wake up, you’ll probably forget it’s valentine’s day or its the next day.

Most of you will find it hard to do any of the listed activities because Valentine’s day is on a school day. For most people, it’s hard to avoid the feeling of loneliness.

Remember your not alone, there are many other people who are single and feel alone on this day. Try your best to give company to your single friends so both of you won’t feel alone.

There’s more to discover and do by yourself on Valentine’s day, don’t just restrain yourself to this list.