Results for CyberPatriot Competition


Jeremiah Mendoza

The_Derrezd team

The final results for A-TECH’s placement in CyberPatriot were just confirmed on February 11. Unfortunately, the team didn’t make it to finals as originally planned, but they still gave all the other teams they competed against a very hard time. A-TECH’s CyberPatriot had four teams: one platinum, one gold, two silver. All of which made it far in the competition.

“The platinum made second in state and barely missed semi-finals, but they gave all the other schools some competition. It’s because they learn from each other, and they share with each other,” said team coach, Melissa Perrin-Smith.

Although some teams didn’t make it, they did so good that everyone was surprised of what they did. In fact, they did so well that California teams called the team coach to ask them who they were.

“They called me and asked me, ‘Are you the A-TECH coach?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s me,’ and then they said, ‘Who are you?’” said Perrin-Smith. “The funny part is that they’ve been in the competition for a long time. We’re showing the power of A-TECH.”

Their best team, named [email protected], made it to the state competition but didn’t make it because of a minor pointage difference. The team consisted of six students: Brendan Sirls, David Garcia, Cade Romero, Luke Graham, Jessen Nebeker, Robert Smith. This first year team placed in the top 30 percent of the nation yet missed the cutoff for the national semi-finals in their category by 8 pts. Even though they didn’t manage to make it to semifinals they are still proud of the work they put into the competition.

“I have never done that before, I’ve played two years before now and I’m very proud of them. I’m happy that they got to go to semi-finals,“ said Romero, a freshman.

Meanwhile, the silver division team, The_Derrezd members had the longest run. This team was made up with Jeff Shean, John Hamai, Alexandru Diloreanu Chioseaua, Zackary Troutman, Alex Melentijevic, and Charles Cosby. They not only placed fourth in the state but went on to semi-finals because they were within the top 25 percent of the division.

In semi-finals, The_Derrezd team surpassed the scores of all the other Nevada teams and placed 15th overall in the nation for the Silver division, something that this team’s members did not expect to happen.

“We went beyond my expectations. I thought we were going to bomb it or something, honestly” said Troutman, a freshman.

These rookies have competed with teams worldwide and have completely blown away everyone. Who knows what may be in store for this new team, but it is certainly obvious that they have the potential to beat the most competitive schools around the world.