How To Shoot Your Shot: Valentine’s Day Edition.


Ebube Okpara

Illustrated image

Ebube Okpara, Cub Reporter

There’s nothing that reminds you about how single you are than Valentine’s Day, but there’s not a more perfect time to tell your crush that you’re into them. However, a lot of people are extremely shy and just can’t go up to people and ask. I mean, if it was that easy you would just do it. There are several steps you can take to make sure you secure a boo this valentines day.

Become Their Friend:

This is a very important step. Most people just don’t go out with random people they’ve never met or spoken to. Find out what you have in common and use it to your advantage. What clubs are they in? What classes do you have with them? Do you have any mutual friends? Just find something to talk about.

When you have your topic of discussion, this is when you put your plan into action. Ask for today’s date, a pencil, what answer they got on the homework. Just anything casual to start up a conversation. After you get the conversation going then you start to talk about their interest. You could start of saying, “Hey aren’t you in mock trial?” or “Hey aren’t you Tiffany’s friend?” Anything you have in common with them that would get the conversation going.

Now if you don’t have anything in common with this person, you just gotta sit back and reflect. Just how much do you want this person? If the answer is a lot, then you pick up an interest they have. If they’re into sports, watch a game of basketball. If they’re a gamer, pick up a controller. You have to find some common ground with this person because contrary to popular belief, opposites don’t always attract.

Get Out Of The “Friend-Zone”:

Now you guys are friends, but you don’t wanna remain friends. You want to move on to the next level. Make sure you start off slow and ease your way out of the friend-zone. Instead of straight up telling them, “O.M.G. you’re the prettiest creature I’ve ever seen, please go out with me,” be more subtle with it. Try more, “Oh your hair cut looks really cute,” but be flirtatious with it. Don’t make it sound friendly, but make your interest known.

Now if you’re giving them subtle hints and they’re acting oblivious to it, try to be more upfront with it. Just straight up tell them you think they’re pretty. Be persistent, but not overbearing, but if you flirt with them constantly and they have no response to it, back off. For example, if you tell them they look nice and they don’t blush, or they don’t compliment you back, just back up off them. They probably aren’t playing hard to get, they just don’t want you, period.

Confess Your Feelings:

Now if you’ve successfully made it this far and you’re 80% sure they like you, it’s time to go in for the kill. Ask them out. It’s less painful if you aren’t actually there to face the rejection, so if you’re too chicken to do it in person, there’s a variety of ways you can do without having to face to possibility of real life rejection.

The first and most obvious is asking them through text.  Just shoot them a text. Start up a convo and somehow bring the topic to Valentine’s Day. You could ask them, “So do you have a Valentine?” If their response is, “No,” then you could be like, “Neither do I, so do you wanna be my Valentine?”

The second way is to write them a note. Now I know this may seem super cheesy and corny to some people, but I promise you, it’s straight up adorable. The thought of someone putting their time and effort into writing a note confessing their feelings to you can be very appealing to some people.

Third way is get them a Valentine Day gram. Go to the student store during lunch and buy one for them. It’s a cheap and cute way to ask your crush out.

Now that that’s done, you just have to hold your breath and hope for the best. If you’re on the more confident side and wanna do it in real life this is what you do. It’s important to ask them in private for two reasons: one, if they reject you it’s less painful because they didn’t do it in front of an audience and two, if you do it in front of an audience some people will feel obligated to go out with you, so they don’t look like a jerk. People should not feel forced to go out with you. Now there are some exception to this rule, like if you’re almost 100% sure they’re digging you and you know your crush enjoys attention, in which case bigger is better.

Now if your crush isn’t into you, do not wallow in misery. Just remind yourself that this is one person out of the billions of people in the world that doesn’t like you, you’ll get them next time. It’s also important not to obsess over your crush. If they say no, then they mean no. They most likely aren’t playing hard to get, so please refrain from harassing or stalking them. Leave them alone.

Last but not least, remember you don’t need a valentine. Being single is not that serious, I promise. Valentine’s Day is about love, and not just romantic love, but love in general. So get your friends a gift, hug your mom, and scratch your dog’s back. I know this sounds corny, but love yourself most importantly.

Go get ’em tiger!