Homefront: The Revolution Begins, Join the Resistance!

Brandon Sumulong

Four years after the first Homefront game, Homefront: The Revolution sets an alternate timeline in the year 2029. In this timeline, the Soviets win the space race in the early 70s which caused a technology bloom. The story begins with Apex; a corporation that began in North Korea’s Silicon River in 1980. Their technology became popular and we couldn’t help resisting it. John Tae-Se the founder of Apex corporation places himself as the new leader of North Korea.

America has fallen under foreign occupation. Unemployment and poverty began to hit leaving China and Korea to provide aid. The KPA has taken over America and their freedoms have been taken away. The setting takes place in Philadelphia. Much of Philadelphia is in ruins after a brutal fight. A few resistance fighters remain in the city to fight against the KPA.

Under KPA occupation, Philadelphia’s districts have been divided. Districts are separated into three: green, yellow, and red zone. The yellow zone is the main place for refugee. Its population is dense and this is where the resistance plans there assault. The red zone has been ravaged and abandoned. This is where Guerilla warfare is taught. Though the KPA still patrol the streets with airships and snipers. Finally, the green zone is where the KPA primarily controls this area. The green zone is constantly monitored by the KPA and heavy resistance is expected. They have every resources making the fortifications suitable.

Players are able to customize their weapons and covert their pistol into a machine gun. The KPA has one of the most technological forces and they outnumber the resistance. So taking out the KPA head on won’t do any good. It is important to asses the mission and utilizing the right tools. Motorbikes come in handy to escape if the KPA adds more reinforcements.

Homefront: the Revolution has a mode called “Resistance mode.” In this mode players will go through each missions like ambushing a KPA convoy. The player is recruited from the Resistance; they will work with other people to complete the mission. Players can plan their tactics and solve combat situations. An attempt to complete a mission will progress unlocking new skills, blueprints, equipment and combat gear.

Homefront introduces Ethan Brady, a freedom fighter in the resistance. Ethan is the main protagonist in the game and players will play as him. The KPA has occupied most of Philadelphia. The objective is to destroy KPA infrastructure, disrupt KPA propaganda hack drones and vehicles, and ignite revolution!