The “Best Day” of Your Life

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The “Best Day” of Your Life

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Quinceanera: a day many girls look forward to, the “best day of their lives.” Except, it’s not for me. Though the beautiful party seems simple, it’s actually very complex and isn’t worth the stress.

The fifteenth birthday includes many things, starting off with getting a place to rent out for the party, a salon, which is about $3000 and price may vary(going up depending on how many people you decide to invite). Then there’s making sure you get the correct number of people. Then making sure the deal includes enough beverages, food, snacks, cake etc. After you’ve gotten your salon and your day is coming up, you have to think of colors. And although the people decorate your salon, you stress about making sure it looks elegant enough.

Picking the “perfect” dress is another time consuming task. Going store to store, trying to settle with one color. There’s so many different styles, prices, colors that attract but only one that you’re going to wear and have photographed.

The surprise dance is another detail that is difficult to manage. The quinceanera girl, damas(ladies), and or chambelanes(escorts) put on a few dances for the guests but rehearsal is always a mess. To begin with, the practices are months before the party. It’s difficult for the chambelanes to all have the same schedule. Finding the perfect day is already a pain but deciding where to practice, who needs to get picked up or dropped off, or showing up late because of an emergency are little things that make it difficult. Obviously you can forget the matching outfits and shoes.

Then who gets to be the Godmother, madrina, of other little details like photos and the video, the misa, party bus, cake, dress etc. Making sure you didn’t forget anything at home.

The final reveal is no doubt beautiful, but it doesn’t tempt me. I feel it’s too much stress just for one day and it’s too much activity for one day. I was given the option of going to Mexico instead and that interested me more.

Every single time I told people that I didn’t want a Quinceanera they would look at me weird, ask why, and list all the reasons why I should have one. I do want a dress and I’d like to be able to take pictures. And because of all the people that I have to invite, we would have to get a salon. Just a salon and dress is stressful enough. Looking for the right dress is a pain. I’ve been to at least seven different stores and got nothing. I’ve even revisited two of them. Finding a salon was also a little debate but when finally settling there are still things like cake testing and food testing, which colors do I prefer, setting up a schedule on when I’d like to do the misa, cut the cake, dance etc.

In the end, it’s just too much effort for one day.

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