Battlefield 1

Brandon Sumulong

Dice has officially announced Battlefield 1. Battlefield 1 is set in World War I inspired by historical events. Not much has been heard about single player, however, the multiplayer components will support up to 64 players, maps based around the world, which include the Arabia, the western front and the alps, and a new hand-to-hand combat system. A new squad system has been introduced in where a group of players are allowed to enter or leave a server along with their squad. Battlefield 1 will still have an environmental destruction and players are still able to customize their weapons.

Battlefield 1 will feature World War I vehicles which include, light, heavy, and armored tanks, warplanes, and battleships. Horses are introduced in Battlefield 1 and they have gained a lot of attention. The horses will play a central role throughout the game. This feature is new to the Battlefield franchise.
Battlefield 1’s beta is expected to come out soon. Registering for Battlefield Insider will allow players to have early access to the beta and it is free to register. Battlefield 1’s initial release is on October 21 for Windows, PS4, and Xbox One.