Advanced Band Festival



Advanced Band will participate in the CCSD Band Festival at Lowden Theater at LVA on March 7th.

The festival is held in LVA’s (Las Vegas Academy) school theater. It lasts until Saturday March 8th, but the band members are only performing on Thursday. They will be perform three pieces: ‘Achilles’ Wrath’, ‘Reflections’, and ‘Fire Dance’.

“Schools from all over the county send one ensemble there. Every ensemble plays on stage and get judged. Then they have another a sight reading portion where they’ll read music for the first time an get judged on how well they do,” said Steinberg.

Although the performance is during a school day, Steinberg thinks of opening up a rehearsal for an open audience for students to listen to what they have so far.

Band has not participated in this event since 2016. Advisor, Jamie Steinberg is both excited and nervous about performing at LVA.

“I think it’s a little nerve-racking and exciting to perform at the festival. We haven’t participated since 2016” said Steinberg.

Members of Advanced Band are also excited to be a part of LVA’s music festival. They have practiced for at least a few months and believe that they are ready for their day at the event.

“Being on that stage gives a nerve-racking and exciting feel like a roller coaster. Every time I have gone to festival, I’ve always played for an empty audience, with the Judicators in plain sight. This time, to my knowledge, the band will almost be guaranteed an audience of other schools waiting for their turn at festival due to how early we are playing. The pressure will be higher, but it will be rewarding and refreshing mentally to be able to come over such pressure inducing situation,”said senior Jeremias DeJesus (Clarinet)

“I am really excited about this concert because we can finally show the improvements we’ve made through the year. I am ready for this concert, we’ve been playing these pieces for months, and made many changes to make this as best as possible. We even had the class stay after school on some days so it can be made better,”said Xihan Li (Flute).