Different Types of Laughs

Different Types of Laughs

Angel Mesiti

Everyone laughs, but in every situation, you use a different type of laugh. For example, when you’re alone, your laugh is so hideous, it’s actually embarrassing—or, it would be if anyone were around.

The Giggle

This is the giggle. The one where you’re trying to act all cute, as if your normal laugh doesn’t actually sound like a hyena. This is also the laugh that you have with that “special someone.”

The Painful One

This is the laugh where everyone just starts dying of laughter, and no one can breath. This is the laugh you usually have with your best friends, because they’re psycho, and you’re psycho, and everyone just wheezes.

The Sudden Laugh

This is the time when your own laugh scares you. Yes. Your own laugh happens, and you don’t expect it, so you cover your mouth, in shock. It’s like a burp. It happens, then you think “oh crap. That was loud and ugly.”

The One You Hold Back

This laugh is the one where you know you shouldn’t laugh, but it just happens. It’s like when you see someone trip and fall in public. You shouldn’t laugh. You especially shouldn’t laugh if they got hurt, but people falling is funny. This laugh goes on for what seems like forever. It’s also the one that can get you into fights or at least glared at.