Things I Care About (That No One Else Does)

It’s easy to get particular. Preferences are preferences, sure, but how particular do you get with some things? How much do you care about if that preference? Let me introduce you to someone: me. I care. A lot. About little things too, not things that matter. Diet? Sleep? Clothes? Who even IS that?

For example, let’s take pens. It’s a pen, yeah? You’ve got different ink colors, and maybe a small preference towards Sharpies. While I love a Sharpie myself, there’s more. What about the TYPE of pen? Fountain pens for writing titles, brush pens for inking line art (tracing out the outline of a character or sketch with a pen), 0.25 MM Sakura (it’s a Japanese brand of pens) pens for getting the little details, gel pens for highlighting little areas, a little pen with Totoro (from My Neighbor Totoro) just for writing the little sub headers, you name it. I care a lot about pens, and I get really particular about them.

Another thing is wallpapers. Not wallpapers as in a room, but your desktop background. Every time I change my wallpaper, it has to fit a certain theme. No exceptions. For example, my current ‘theme’ is mountains. It’s a pretty basic theme, yeah, but everything has to fit it. The theme for Chrome must align with the wallpaper behind it, the little bar that held shortcuts must match the color palette, and maybe even my mouse would be a small mountain to tie it together.

Diving deeper into computers, how about where you place your windows (as in the box that Google Chrome is in, or Notepad)? I put mine is special little spots, I can’t just put each one to full screen and call it a day. Chrome should take up the whole height of the screen, should take up roughly two-thirds of the width, and should hug the left side. The right side should either have Discord (a messenger app of sorts) or a game open, each size depending on the application. Every time I use a computer, this is how I set it up. It doesn’t feel right if I don’t.

These are just little nitpicks, however, what about interests?

What about Space Channel 5? What even is that? (It’s one of the first rhythm games, made by SEGA to market towards the ‘casual gamer girl’ audience. Space Channel 5 is about Ulala going out and defeating aliens by having a dance off to get a news story.) I really care about if the funky news reporter gets her scoop or not, but the majority of the population doesn’t. There’s also Survived By, an MMO where you go out, shoot some baddies, and die a bunch.

That’s still in testing, but I care enough to know where it’s heading. There’s also Atelier 801. Atelier 801 is a small game developer based in France, and they’ve been going for almost 9 years now. A lot of people don’t know about them, nor care what’s going to happen to them. However, I’ve been following their progress since 2016. I was barely a 6th grader then!

I still care where they’ll end out in couple of years, yet I don’t know another soul who does. That’s fine though, because I’m sure everyone else cares about things that, quite frankly, no one else cares about.