A-TECH Ranked Second in CCSD for FAFSA Completion

A-TECH ranked behind CSN High School South and ahead of Southwest CTA and West CTA


Jason Park

The College and Career Center, headed by Sherry Moore

66.94 percent of A-TECH’s Class of 2019 has completed the FAFSA application, according to the FAFSA Tracker for Nevada, making A-TECH the second highest ranked high school in CCSD for FAFSA completion rates behind CSNHS South.

A-TECH has a consistently high FASFA rate. However, many seniors planning to go on to higher education still have not yet completed the application. 

“CCSD wants to track students’ completion because there are so many resources available for students and parents, and a lot of money is being left on the table because students aren’t filling it out,” said Assistant Principal Roseann Hill.

According to A-TECH’s College and Career Specialist Sherry Moore, the FAFSA is not just for financially disadvantaged students; it is important for all students to complete the FAFSA form.

“What a lot of students may not realize is in your freshman year [of college], whether you are awarded the grant or not, it will give the college an idea of whether or not you completed it and you qualified,” said Moore. “So you may not get the full amount of the FAFSA, and if you did not, then the college can take a look at that and perhaps award you the portion that you did not receive.”

The academic counselors have been giving presentations in class, and Moore has been calling students in to assist them, all in an effort to prepare seniors for a financially stable college education, but it has been a challenging process.

Assistant Principal Hill believes that there are two main reasons for why some students are hesitant in completing the FAFSA form, the first being students’ immigration status.

“If they’re undocumented and their parents don’t have social security numbers, maybe there’s a fear — they’re afraid that they’re gonna be targeted or found out,” said Hill. “But according to [FAFSA], they said they will never report this information to outside agencies.”

The other and perhaps the biggest reason is far simpler.

“I think seniors at A-TECH sometimes procrastinate, and due to their procrastination, they are missing out on opportunities,” said Hill. “We can support you guys, but this is something you and your parents have to do.”

Students may still apply for the FAFSA at https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/.