A-TECH Reacts to Sasuke Choking Meme

With a new year comes now things, from responsibilities, desires, and even memes! One of those memes is the Sasuke choking meme, which various people grab Sasuke in the neck.

The Sasuke choking meme originates from eighty fifth episode of the anime Naruto, by Masashi Kishimoto, “Hate Among the Uchihas: The Last of the Clan!”

During school hours, I interviewed students on their thoughts of the Sasuke choking meme.

Freshman Gabriel Mauger says “”I’ll give it a one clap out of two”. He believe the meme is mediocre, and has chance to improve.

“I don’t really care about it, I mean it’s just a meme, it’s gonna die soon,” said Freshman
Axel Diaz, knowing things are temporary.

Freshman Ismael Benhayoune input is, “it’s not that bad, it’s pretty funny”.

With every topic, the way how people are exposed to it determines their opinion

Freshmen Dallas Smith had seen the anime before the popularity of this meme, his feels that
“It brings back nostalgia from watching [this scene of the anime]”.

As with all topics, in this case…memes, not everyone knows of this meme. Without having exposure to the content, it is hard to share thoughts without showing any biases.

Sophomore Devon Rodgers says, “It’s okay, could be better”.

Everything has a chance to improve, the Sasuke choking meme is no excuse.

Not everyone can like a certain topic. “Do enjoy your thoughts and opinions, cus those are your opinions,” says Freshman Jourdon Osborne to those who dislike the meme.

“Well, I’d say um.. Then watch Naruto Shippuden,” said Freshmen Dallas Smith, knowing seeing the anime and episode would give a deeper meaning.

People have their own thought on certain things, however how you think or see that certain thing can heavily change your life.