The Problems with Women’s Clothing


Samantha Lucas

The fashion industry is an ever-booming industry. Fashion is constantly changing and developing each and every generation. Yet time and time again we see one constant problem with women’s clothing. They don’t come anywhere close to meeting logical needs.

The most common problem yet, pockets! It’s like the designers don’t know to make a reasonable pocket or even any at all. Half of the pants that I own have faux pockets rather than actual pockets. Yet when my pants do have pockets, the pockets aren’t even close to a reasonable size. The pockets are so small you can’t even really fit anything in there.

Freshman Alexa Flores’ unreasonable pockets | Madison Kennedy

Women’s clothing problems don’t stop with the faux and unreasonable pockets. Another huge problem is the ‘boob gap’ on blouses and button-up shirts. You know, when the space in between the buttons opens up and shows almost everything. Not only women with bigger breasts struggle with this problem, it affects us all.

These two problems in women’s clothing aren’t the only two. Women face another huge problems when shopping for clothing: sizes. Women’s clothing just can’t seem to figure out how to make a wide range of sizes for all women.

Plus-size women struggle to find clothing that actual fits them their body types. Tall or lanky women struggle to find pants that actually go all the way down to their ankles, but when the pants are long enough the waist is extremely large and doesn’t fit someone tall and thin.

My poorly sized pants | Alexa Flores

Yet clothing problems don’t just affect tall and plus-size women. Shorter women, as well, never find clothing that really fits them. For these shorter women, clothing is over-sized.

It’s clear that women’s clothing really only fits people that have an “average” body type and size. Women should feel comfortable in clothing and should have options instead of having to settle with what they can get.